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  1. Where was that race at? Under lights? Qutar?
  2. Good idea about putting spoiler, I tried to edit that but didnt seem like that was an option. If you want to edit it or delete the thread cool.
  3. If you watch SBK you know who Haga is, Def 1 of my favorite racers. Today he had back to back excellent performances and looks focused to be a top contender for the season. I've seen him wearing 2 earings one in each ear before. After the races in his interview today he only had 1 in the right ear.
  4. How do you find out which stores stock suomy helmets? I went to suomy's offical website and didnt see anything there. If someone knows please post a link, thanks
  5. thanks for the feedback thus far
  6. How would you guys rate suomy? They are expensive. I am considering buying a vandal and they are around $400. Claims to be the lightest at 1250 grams and have sound absorbing polymers. My main questions are for anyone that has a suomy how do they do with wind noise? Somewhat quieter? Def quieter? Anyones ever whistle? And how do they fit? I mean eveyone got a different size/shape head/face but overall some helments fit nice and snug for most and some are loose. I read you can change out the cheek pads to customize your fit even better. So worth it?
  7. motogp of course rossi is the favorite, but I like pedrosa! Go Repsol!
  8. Thank you. That's what I keep saying (I also keep saying the Texans are going to go undefeated), but he hasn't been able to come through yet. I'm looking for a Pedrosa/Haga win this year. Ya he's super talented. Seems like most of the press will be focused on rossi, hayden, casey at least at first. Pedrosa might steal the show though. Besides he rides the dream machine
  9. Using the wind to gauge speed can be deceptive. Air is also moving. You'd be surprised how well you can hear with ear plugs. I was nervous when I first tried it, but I prefer it now. I have a set of non-disposable that I've had a long time. They're wash and wear :-) I think it would be more deceptive to not be able to hear the wind naturally. Maybe I will try it sometime to see what its like.
  10. I am surprised that alot of you guys use head phones and even earplugs. No matter if your in the city or suburbs with anything in your ears you can't hear sirens, someone beeping, etc. etc. Having all your senses without any hindering seems logically to be the best way to go. Even with ear plugs, hearing wind resistance allows one to gauge to a degree speed. Some helmets really suck and yea create to much noise though.
  11. I would never guess a shoe repair place? What makes you say that?
  12. I've had adjustments made to suits, but usually didn't end up being perfect, just better. C I was wondering if it is cool to do since everyone talks about how important the stiching is. If it is tailord wasnt sure how it would how up or affect performance. My 1 piece is pretty baggy from the knee down, like the shin area mostly. It bunches up in my boots a bit and makes it easier for the knee padding to not be in the right place at times. Also my 1 piece could be tightened up a little in the tricep area. So cobie is there anything special I should tell a tailor to do?
  13. Has anyone tried to buy a 1 piece off the shelf then get it tailored in a few places to make it fit a lil better?
  14. Thanks for letting us know your first hand experience. Glad to hear your ok and the suit did its job.
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