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  1. Its really hard to say what part of the day was the best part. Every on track an off track session was all setup an peiced together great. One part with out another would have made it feel like something is missing. The best part of the day was at the end of the day I would have to say. Because by the last session, I felt like I had instilled alil bit off every sessions drill into me. That by the end of the day it felt like it all made sense and that last session had a nice flow to it. I am really looking foward to level 2 and 3. This monday I will be back at Sears Point for a track day. I will keep working on the drills and the fundementals again. [i will see you later, I applied my rain credit towards a weekend at Willow Springs in September for Levels 2 and 3. What was the best part of the day for you? CF
  2. Cobbie, it was nice to finally meet you and also have you as my on track coach! I really learned a lot, for the time being I will continue to work on these drills that I learned in Level 1. Some of the things that I liked about the school where, the fact that you guys always would never give us the right answer right away. You guys always made us try to think for ourselves. I have to say things where beyond my expectations. I will see you later, I applied my rain credit towards a weekend at Willow Springs in September for Levels 2 and 3.
  3. I am assuming you guys use the ama-afm configuration for infenion or am I wrong? I will be there for level 1 and 2 mon/tues cant wait!
  4. I will be there for level 1 and 2. I have been hooked on the track since november of 2008 since then I have done 4 open track days. An I hope this school will take my confidence an cornering skills to another level. I am really looking foward to this! Mark, Well, you've jumped in now--resisted for a while and now you need a fix--join the other cornering junkies! I do hope it stays clear too. Come say hello when you get there, sounds like we've got a few members going to be there that day, Kevin and Chunger are set too. Best, Cobie
  5. I believe just like most say here you pay for what you get. When I bought my suit, I was looking for things... Such as fitment, quality, reputation and price not so much, this is my skin we are talking about, some things are not replaceable. First thing I really did was is, asked my self what are the pros wearing, you see some of them guys having a get off at 120mph+ sliding down the track into the dirt, and get up an walk away just fine, with some scuffs to there suits, so i was like what is he wearing???? I look around at motogp, afm or whatever... an see things like alpinestars, dinease, helimot etc. I didnt see no frank thomas. I went to the local stores an got a hands on feeling for the all these suits, and honestly frank thomas felt the cheapest in quality. They where nothing like the alpinestar or dinease top suits. But then again its your skin and what you feel comfortable in, peace of mind comes a long way when your riding. But like some one above said, if you are on a budget, some leather is better then no leather, i dont recommend going out an riding in jeans an sweatshirt at all. You are asking mfor my opinion and I have given it. I am sorry if it is not what you wanted to hear. Both Astar ad Dainese put a massive amount of money into research and I have visited the R&D deptments of both companies. Frank Thomas do not have this same ability and commitment that I have seen from the other two. If you are asking if I would put my own money on the table to buy Frank Thomas then the answer is no. I do not feel as confident in their product as I do say Aplinestars. Andy
  6. The money is not a problem, but saving some is always good! Either way that extra 250 to rent there bike is probably worth it. If I bring my own bike, I would need a two day rental trailer, plus my own gas, some fresh tires possibly, some extra wear an tear on my bike i may need to deal with and all that could add to $200 and more. Plus time and energy, and that lil extra worry of making sure I got every thing the night before. I definitly want to spend more time learning as much as I can. Looks like I will rent theres as planned.
  7. Just checking in, I have been lurking this forum for a lil while. But I thought i would finally sign up since I scheduled my self for march 16th and 17th level 1&2 for infenion. So far I have been riding for about 3 years now. But only really got more serious about riding and conering skills this past one year. Recently I just did two track days, first one at thunderhill raceway with zoom zoom, and laguna with thetrackclub. And all I have to say is I am hooked, I was able to get some coaching these track days, as in learning lines, some BP, but that was about it. I had fun, but I want to learn more. I have heard a lot about the superbike school, alot of it good, and also some not so good stuff. But everyone has there own opinion. I am here to find out for my self first hand! and ready to learn! My next question is, I signed up to use your zx6r. But I am thinking of changing that to bringing my own bike. What is your take on you guys an coaches who have done this school before? I think I will be more comfortable on my bike, plus my bike is set up for gp shift and thats what I am used to now. Most likely the zx 6r will be regular shift. Another pro is I'll save some extra money for another level =) but I will probably end up spending money on a new set of tires.
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