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  1. Yes it is a windy road and bunpy as hell. Unfortunately these are the closest set of corners to where I live only 55 km away.. there are a few more vids here if anyone is interested,, http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer..._type=&aq=f I have several books, Total control Twist of the wrist 2 and Motorcycling excellecnce. One thing I need to do is sort the suspension out. Most of my riding is 2 up and I have had the front resprung and revalved to suit 2 up touring which makes it a little stiff when solo. I have a 8789 Penske on the rear which has been also tailored to suit touring ( I have covered almost 30000km since february). I am not making excuses for body position , its far from perfect but I know that the suspension is contributing to things overall. Thinking out aloud. when solo the rear feels light on turn in and I can quite easily spin the rear , ( one of the vids shows me almost highsiding.. ooopps. I think I have too much rebound set on the rear,, But the bike feels great 2 up and with luggage and doesnt pack down or anything, I also feel the front turn really easily at sub 60km ph speeds but when I get up towards the 80 to 100 kph mark the steering is a little tougher, I have only 27 mm sag in the front solo stop stuff like this and since I have done this and raised the rear ride height by about 8mm I havent scratched a panel .. maybe I need to take a little out of the front preload to make the bike turn better/ easier. If any of the above is inappropriate just delete of move it. Barra
  2. Here are a few pics of a training day I went to a few months ago. I dont know exactly where the photos were taken and I know it appears as if I am not looking far enough through the corner but the pics of the others in the group are all similar, maybe we are all doing it wrong..lol I do not usually ride at a trach and have elected not to stick my knee out the majority of the time as I feel that it is far too dangerous to do this on public roads. this is a vid of a run down and up a short range. The camera is on my bike, Sound quality isnt that good but you can hear the engine amongst to wind noise. I have never been hard on the brakes , preferring to ride the percentage play as amost all of my riding is on rough public raods. I wish I didnt live more than 2500km away from CSS in Australia...lol
  3. I mainly road ride btaking slow in fast out lines. I struggle with getting a good line on left handers, I guess its because for us in Australia vision to the left is tighter when compared to the right, which is more open. The other issue I have is my head,,lol I find that I just cant seem to geyt my head far enough across on a consistent basis. When I run at a nice steady pace its all good, but when I ramp things up[ a bit I find thatpushing my head across to be inline with the rest of my body ( ( inside the bike) seems to change my perspective of the corner and I seem to run wide. I dont know if I am too tight on the bars, I dont thinkl so I am very conscious of this and the need to be light. I wonder if I have too much of a reach for the bars?? I am quite tall and I ride a CBR1100xx but the bars are a bit of a reach,,,,or should I say the bars may be more comfortable a little closer to me... sorry for the random ramblings...lol Hi mate, Yeah we all have some challenges mate, though I've only ever had 1 error at a school. Got a bit of TF, ran into the gravel at big speeds, over 100+. All safe and well though. I looked like that though when I did it. yeah good to see you too my friend. I look forward to seeing you again in September mate! Bullet
  4. I have seen that most GP riders have the heel hooked into the peg on the outside and are on the ball on the inside,,, I also saw several riders in the last race not only wave the left leg around in or just before entry but the right leg as well.. Not on topic but..its my thread...lol
  5. This is part of a discussion about posture and foot position that I am having with another guy. I believe his advice to be fundamentally wrong except the ease of rear brake accessability while in traffic etc. But for general riding and balancing the bike on corner approach, getting weight inhside the bike etc being on the ball of the foot for the inside foot is much preferred IMO. Any comments either way will be well received. Barra
  6. Who prefers to go around left hand corners, or do you prefer rights? Maybe it doesn't matter. I didn't think it mattered to me and my tyres previously showed only a slight difference in wear , left side vs right side, which I put down to road camber. I ride a CBR1100xx Super Blackbird. I recently did 11000km in 23 days, fully loaded up with wife, tankbag, Ventura rack and saddlebags. My rear tyre is worn out on the right hand side, significantly more than the left hand side and the middle. Why? Is it the way I turn corners, is it the tyre, is it the road camber, is it the wife? I took some video from the bike mount while on the trip and it is interesting. I seem to corner to the right better, smoother , wide entry, tight exit to the right hand wheeltrack ( I am in Australia so we ride on the opposite side of the road to you guys in the States). Probably because the corner opens up earlier and vision is good. Vision is not as good for left handers because we have to stay on the correct side of the centreline. I went for a ride today around my local area and the video footage sees me turning into left handers quite a bit different to what the holiday video depicts. Then I thought about this and the differences. No wife and luggage for startersplus the fact that I know the roads around here and my brain already has an idea what is coming up but when I was on holiday all of the roads were foreign so I didn't have the advantage of " knowing " the corner hence the greater reliance on vision. Am I on the right path to working out this problem? Has anyone else observed similar issues?? Great forum guys.
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