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  1. Scrubbing off speed and tightening your line I just got done reading in Nick Ienatesch's book... I prolly just botched his name, but it's definiely something I'm going to experiment with at the track the next few weeks...
  2. As far as windage the lower you are the less the wind will effect you. Once street riding I was doing a 100mile trip w/ my girlfriend and I on a cbr 600rr 05 and there was a massive cross wind of around 40mph constantly. We had to stay as low as possible, because we were violently being blown around. Keep low and the wind will have less of an effect. Hold on to the tank with your knees for grip and even bring your elbows into the tank for more securety. Obviously in a straight line...
  3. You think you have problems with the front coming up on that 750 my zx-10 putting out over 160hp on the dyno is insane in 1-3 out of the corners. I have to have my weight up front or all that bike wants to do is wheelie. Not to mention I'm the same build as you 155lbs...I don't adjust my BP from front to rear in the corner...no way...I get 100% set up before the turn, and that includes the beginning, middle and exit (power on) of the turn..
  4. I know a lot more people on this forum have lowsided @ the track...I want to hear about it and what YOU discovered was the reasoning behind it or so you think. Really trying to learn from this and not repeat so quickly...thanks for any reply's... JoZeF
  5. I don't wast too much of my $10 on thinking of that. Naturally of course is the way...Once you find your rhythm and how you like to look to your RP's it will be second nature...I don't just jerk my head right before I turn all is part of one fluid body change before my turn point... On another note Hub, its cool how you ask so much on this forum you really want to get that much better, I'm the same way and now that I strictly ride on the track you'll see much more of me on this forum...later
  6. Yes, now that I think about it I did make a definite steering correction just upon my acceleration out of the corner. Like I said I was running wide, the turn is very tight and I did give it throttle. No wonder...Sounds like I get what the problem was. Increasing an already almost to the limit angle with gas on my 161hp 10r....I still created this thread to hear about other lowsides and what happened to cause them. I want to be more informed about them and try not to have this happen so soon again in my track riding career...thanks guys for the reply's!!!
  7. Some thoughts which might help you to analyze the situation... "Software" - Did this happen at end or beginning of session and track day? How's your body position and control? Too tight on the clip-ons perhaps? - Wrong line? Lazy turn; Too much lean? Bodywork contact with asphalt? More bumpy line?? - Charging? Too late on the throttle? Too much load on front tyre? - Any changes in conditions: rain drops, dust, oil and/or coolant from other bikes? Washers/nuts whatever.. - Smooth or aggressive control?? "Hardware" - What tires? Too much speed and lean for the tire? Normal DOT, compound DOT (like Supercorsa) or slicks? Tire pressure? - Fork setup? Wrong SAG: Too much pre-tension or Too little pre-tension? Too much rebound damp? I was feeling rushed. I didn't have my line at all I was running wide. I was at max lean and getting on the throttle too much so I didn't run too wide. Tires are excellent up to temp, surface was excellent. Suspension was feeling great, I was really leaned over far and on the throttle before the bike had a larger contact patch. I believe it was a rear slide that took me out. The bike lowsided on video from a rear wheel slide for sure...I have a zx-10r that is really fast, was in the tightest corner there and in first...I think too much throttle and way to agressive lean angle. I would like to hear more about other peoples lowsides and what they discovered was the reasoning for the crash. Trying to get a grasp on analyzing this. Thanks for all of your replys!!!
  8. lowsided for the first time and max lean and getting on the gas dont' work...duh!!! what was I thinking I need to stand her back up to increase my contact patch the 10r is a beast!!!
  9. depends on the corner, tires, skill, tire loads, and how comfortable you are. As far as your guys knee sliders are concerned how far down from the top to bottom are they...When I first started draggin only the top 3rd of the sliders was scraping...now its all the way...what about the rest of you???
  10. I have a track day in a few days coming up again and my lowside last week broke my rear brake lever...don't need it so not replacing it off the git....the ram air duct and peg for sure though...
  11. Skill and if you think you need courage your already scared...
  12. get a roadracing world mag...look at all of the worlds best riders and their postitions. Get that BP look burned into your brain. My first track day and the few there afterwards I never was even trying and I dragged knees on 10 of the 11 corners. I was even draggin on my first lap turn 2-11 except for 4 which is a kink!!! It will come, it might just skip lightly, but don't abuse it, cause I did going down real far got on the gas too soon on my exit and lowsided...it will come in due time and everyone has their own speed of learning...I will say its an amazing feeling and if it wasn't for the track I wouldn't be riding anymore..The police have it out for me on the street...
  13. Had my first lowside on the 10r at Gingerman Raceway in Michigan...I was exiting turn 3 which is the tightest turn of the 11 corners. It is a slow cover so I was in first and was rolling on the throttle @ max lean felt her step out and that was it...The reason I'm starting this thread is I'm newer to track riding and already addicted for life. Nothing like it for sure...Draggin knees my first day out on every corner and nailing apex's made me want more...I think I might have gotten too greedy with the gas on the exit. I want to know about your lowside crashes, what events led to the crash (so you think or know). Turn 3 is the most difficult turn there with a crest right before turn in that unsettles the suspension. The lowside however was on the exit...I just want to hear about your low sides and what you think might help me from it. Be in second...??? I do have a 165 dyno'd hp bike...thanks for all who reply!!!
  14. Gnarly pic for sure...must of felt insane!!!
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