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  1. ...is anybody listening...oh,oh,ohh...no reply at all...
  2. Thanks Ace...I too would like to wish all a Merry Christmas and will definitely see you in the New Year! Thanks, BCNU
  3. I just finished the two day camp in Vegas (Nov 21/22) and was wondering what course was run that weekend? Looking at the new schedule for 2010 it looks like you have 1 date for Vegas on the Infield and the rest of the Vegas dates are run on the Classic course. What is the difference between the two? P.S.Had a Blast by the way!! Special thanks to my coaches Joe...you rock! ...and Cobie...I'm still smillin Thanks to the whole team, BCNU
  4. I just finished up L1&2 in Vegas and for the life of me, I cannot remember L2 - Drill #3 vanishing points. I must have been on the camera bike for that one or sight seeing again! lol Can someone help answer that?...I can't find any references in any of the books. Thanks, BCNU
  5. Thanks everyone for your input, muchly appreciated!
  6. Ace, Alot of the guys at my track have both 600's AND 1000's...as I said...I'm CONSIDERING racing...learning good technique is a full time job weather you are on the street or the track!
  7. ...but does it really matter if you can fully open the throttle...there is only 1 staight the rest are all corners (9)?
  8. If you guys are dressing up...post some pictures on the form! Thanks, BCNU
  9. Here is a question to you guys that only ride on the track...do you find that it takes you awhile to get in the groove? I mean... if you are not riding on the street practicing your drills/skills, do you feel that between trackdays you are not as in tune as you could be? Just a question...I'm a little curious about that. Thanks for you replies, BCNU
  10. Hey guys, I have a bit of a dilema that I'm hoping the forum can help me out with...I just started to do some track days and am considering racing. I am currently using my 00 R1 steetbike for both street and track...the problem is ...that as a novice at our home track the more experienced guys are telling me that a 1000 for our track is too much bike! Mistakes that happen on a liter bike are big and that a 600 is more forgiving. That being said...When I first learn to ride I rode a 600 Katana for 2 mos before I ran out and jumped on the R1. Ive had that bike since it's birth (I even di
  11. Tim, Don't they call your style of sideburns - "Chops" ? BCNU
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