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  1. thanks for the answer Cobie, im always looking to see how i can improve my riding, its one of the things that i really like about sports bikes, there always something to work on. its nice to be the first at something on here probably never happen again, lol really glad that i found the forum, you guys are great and it is helping me all the time as i read more and more and then go try put it into practice. especially impressed with the calf raise! what do you reckon are the chances of a job if you complete all stages of the school? could be my next career move. Id love to ride bikes for a living cheers gordon
  2. Hi to everyone This is my first post on here so please be gentle. Its about the way your knee slider wears when you are cornering, my sliders tend not to wear flat but usually wear more on an angle, and then i just turn them round when they are nearly done but some of the guys i ride with seem to get it completely flat and so do most racers i think. I have got it flat before as i can see it on the puck but i cant remember what was different I dont know if it means anything, ie a sysmptom of something else and i dont seem to naturally get it completely flat so whats the score? Im 5,10, 12 stone been riding bikes for 5 years, Ive done 2 track days croft and cadwell park with more booked this season. I read up as much as i can and when money permits will get to the school. I ride swiftly mainly on the twisties across yorkshire and the lake district. Ive had rry fireblade for the last couple of years and have just bought a zx6r o5 to replace it which is a great tool. My body position is good i think with a cheek off, keeping parallel with the bike, bum at the back, knee locked in to the tank, other knee pulled back, head looking round the screen through the corner, arms bent and grip loose, toes on inside peg. head low... So is this just the way it is, that some people wear them flat and others more angled or does it mean more? any advice would be greatly received great forum by the way
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