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  1. Horrible crash. Horrible tragedy. RIP Marco
  2. KTM; So you pick your knee up before the rumble strip at the exit of Moss's too. Rain yep... is that good or bad?... (it hurts if I don't...)
  3. a few laps taken from a unusual angle to check my throttle control... needs improvement! (the track is Mosports, near Toronto in Canada):
  4. I meant "did you loose your cap", sorry I guess I should have posted in french ! ... Hi, I was a the 2-day camp at Laguna April 12&13. I inadvertently took with me a cap marked "Jim Beam" from the student's equipment table when I left (it was tangled into my jacket). Very sorry for the person I took it from... If this is you, send me a pm with shipping adress and I'll mail it to you. please indicate the color so I know you are the genuine owner. And I take advantage of this message to thanks the CSS team for a great camp again, despite the cold temperatures. Thanks especially to Gerry and James for the wealth of information & feedback they provided. Benoit
  5. If i may add my 2 cents; I was amazed at the grip you can get from racing rain tires! I got my knee down in the wet without even an after thought... This pictures speaks for itself, I would never dare to try this on my DOT "rain" tires...
  6. Haven't done many tracks in the USA... Here in Canada n1 is Calabogie, very close first place with Mt Tremblant and then comes Mosport in 3rd Too bad we can only use them 6 months/year...
  7. very nice pics! must have been warm in full gear under the Indian sun. who's that guy pulling a wheelie? don't they have wheelie control on these machines?
  8. Life is not fair . this is the view from my office this morning... (-10C)
  9. I believe that Belgian guy living in Canada was me! this was at CSS Las Vegas in March 2009. Tristan and I were both doing levels 3&4.
  10. Bienvenue les Parisiens! (de la part d'un belge vivant au Canada et marie a une francaise...)
  11. Lance Amstrong "it's not about the bike" was indeed a very inspring read. I would recommend to anyone. I just started to read "Open" by Andre Agassi; I am not a tennis player but I find it a very interesting read so far. Pretty amazing to learn about the sacrifices that Top Athlete must go through. Even if you are not a runner I highly recommend "Born to Run". I read it twice! it is an amazing story. I just finished "the monk that sold his Ferrari" (it's about finding the true meaning of life and so on) and I was quite dissapointed... I don't count how many times I have read the Twist II book...
  12. This looks like it could be great fun! should be my next destination after I do CSS at Laguna in April. I signed up today for the May dates. Will keep you guys posted on my experience.
  13. For street riding I do not go through specific preparation, other than wearing the minimum safety gear (boots, gloves, helmet, back protector and leather jacket) and ensuring that bike is well maintained. I use my street bike mostly for commuting to work, so I don't often spend more than 1/2 hour in the saddle. For track riding, which is where I try to spend as much time as possible, I am very anal about the bike preparation. I try to maintain my track bike in as near to perfect condition as possible. The last thing I want is to run in a mechanical issue when I am riding at +160 mph... For my physical preparation I do a lot of running all year round (30-40 miles/week) at a "competitive" pace and I find it allows me to keep very "fresh" on the bike, even at the end of a long day of open track riding. Sleeping enough is also very important (as much for running as for riding) before going to the track and also at the track when I do multiple days sessions. (sometime up to 4 days in a row). I also like to visualize the track and go through each corner in my head multiple times (while I drive to the track and also in between each session). Of course I also like to read over and over again the twist of the wrist books to remind me of the things I need to work on to be faster. I have only raced once, but I found it to be so exciting! I did not expect it to be so much fun!
  14. This looks like it could be great fun! should be my next destination after I do CSS at Laguna in April.
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