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  1. True, the numbers are very small but I still believe that it's for added feel under extreme braking. If you had a see-saw that had 1000kg on one side and 998kg on the other side regardless of how much the total weight was that 2kg WILL make a difference. When stuck out to the side the leg has quite a bit of leverage on the bike. Give it a shot on a mountain bike, if it's noticeable on that (which it certainly is) then wouldn't the best of the best be able to use it as an aid, as tiny as it may be?
  2. Not to sound conceited at all but I do this all the time! I haven't done it much on a motorcycle because I've rarely braked that over-the-top hard but it does help. I do it all the time in my gravel driveway on my mountain bike. I've found that it does help with balance under hard braking. If you are braking hard and setting up for a left-hander you don't want the bike to veer at all to the right so you throw your leg out to act as a ballast. If the rear starts to move right you can hang your foot off further, if your foot is close to the bike you can brake harder and throw your leg out to counter-act it. It helps for right handers too but usually on a motorcycle you are using the rear brake with your right foot to do a few extra percent of braking. I have a feeling that Rossi doesn't have too many SRs and the fact that he selectively does it and brakes measurably harder in my mind means that the hard braking is a result of the leg out rather than the other way around. Anyway, that's my two cents.
  3. Hi all, Right now I'm signed up for the Laguna Seca SBS on the 14th but have no way of getting to the track. My ride bailed and I'm trying to figure out how to make this work. I'm a 20 year-old college student going to school at UW and need to ask a huge favor. Here are the options I think I have: Fly down to Monterey and take a Taxi to the track then sleep in the dirt Fly to Monterey and get picked up by a fellow school-goer Fly somewhere else (if anyone is driving to the track from their house) and get a ride that way If anyone is going to be at a surrounding airport Tuesday before the trackday I would really appreaciate if I could get a ride, I would throw in money for gas of course. OR if anyone is driving to Laguna from another city (e.x. San Jose or L.A.) I could totally fly there if you would be willing to give me a ride. If you would be willing or have any ideas please e-mail me at: WillBeebe@gmail.com Tahnks! Will
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