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  1. Now I"M laughing ... Thanks I also think it was the blocking of the field of view and the corresponding fumes...
  2. Hi, This might be a bit of a silly question. I've been riding on the street for years, and a couple years ago, riding the twisties I ended up behind a couple trucks that (for safety reasons) I did not pass... After passing them I started feeling a bit funny, then in a couple minutes I was dizzy, so I pulled over and got off the bike, completely dizzy and nauseated. I don't think it was the fumes from the trucks, more like a near object moving in front while waiving in the curves. I had this problem before but I was either in a boat, or on a rough airplane flight. So I'm a bit concerned, not much, about this happenning in the middle of a ride session and having to stop (it would really suck)... And I'm not sure if dramamine or other meds are recommended... Go ahead, laugh, but also share any comments... Thanks
  3. Hi all, First of all, thank you Kevin for the welcome message. I have been riding on the street for about 10 years, and I am saving up for the school, but with all the economic turbulence we have a bit of a hard time... I am targeting the Nov. class in Sears Point, that gives me some time to save for the class. I have been reading the forums and the other parts of the website and I'm excited I might be able to meet you. Cheers! F3rm1n
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