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  1. When are the Laguna dates going to be posted? I'm trying to figure out my vacation schedule. Wishful thinking would be if it could be very close to MotoGP. Thanks!
  2. According to the magazine's office it was one issue and the Trackday directory. Thanks again CSS and Roadracing World. Thank you C.S.S.! Very valuable information, especially the one regarding trackdays.
  3. I got two issues. How long is is this going to go on for? Forever?
  4. Didn't even know how to ride a bicycle or pee on my own in 82. What are you trying to say about Cobie? See you guys in 2011!
  5. Maybe more dates will be added... dunno?? Yeah, I was surprised by that too. Maybe cost and noise limitations issues? Schedule says: Spring and fall Laguna Seca dates to be announced. I know everyone is waiting because we set our vacation days around it.
  6. Hey Crash, The electronic shifting on the BMW S1000RR is excellent! You will not need to pull in the clutch upshifting, however, Keith stated that you will when downshifting. So if you'll be switching from 3rd / 4th, you'll be using it half the time (downshifting). Hope this helps! Harry
  7. Hey Gorecki, Which track are you going to? I was at NJMP and they allowed me to keep my bike in the garage with the rest of the S1000RR's. Just have to ask! Regarding preparation, the only 3 things I remember them checking was tire wear, chain slack, and they did my air pressure for me. And maybe saftey wire of my oil filter (not sure). Hope this helps. Cobie should be around soon enough. -H
  8. The lean bike drill is excellent! Jon Groom was my instructor, and that guy is top-notch and 100% on point. He pointed out things you wouldn't think about. And made sure all of your body is exactly where it's supposed to be if you decide to start hanging off. All-in-all the drill lasted about 10 minutes, but was worth its weight in gold.
  9. Hey Razor, I just completed Levels 1 & 2 at Thunderbolt on May 10th & 11th (on my 600rr). The drills are demanding but managable. The day runs 20/20/20. 20 minutes class room, 20 minutes track, 20 minutes break. You're on the track 5 times and have 1 off track drill, and you get an hour for lunch. The 20 minute break is crucial because you'll meet with your riding coach, it gives you plenty of time to use the restroom, rehydrate and talk to your friends and get ready to hop back on the bike. All in all you will be fine. I do agree as it's written all over the forum, but make sure you come well rested. Also, you may want to sign up for Level 2. I was glad I did. Because it clicks by the end of level 1, and then to get one more day to go back on the track and do it all over again is defintetly a blast! Not to mention the building block format that you just keep adding to with every time you go out in Level 2. Hope this helps! Harry
  10. Hey Jody, I'm signed up for Level 1 & 2 on Monday and Tuesday. Thanks for the response! Harry
  11. Just curious if the Lean Bike will be available at Thunderbolt for Level 2 next week. The website says: "At most tracks, (where an area to run the Lean Bike is available)".
  12. Seems as if someone forgot to clean out their cookies/cache. I was thinking the same thing. I think that there should be a section on the website listing of "Paid Riders" to show how many are signed up, available spots, and those on a waiting list. I think this will help CSS sign more people up, IMO. If you only see a few spots left, you may sign up quicker! Cobie let us know. Although, in your case, your name would appear and ruin your surprise.
  13. Hey JT, It really comes down to what you prefer. A cocktail would be nice because you'll also have the chance to ride another bike, but I do understand the cost savings. I'm in the tri-state area and will be attending Level's 1 & 2 on May 10th and 11th. There are 3 of us going those two days and we're probably going to ride down. My buddies are going to ride the school's bike and I'm riding mine, I'm just going to switch out the fairings to race fairings. Let me know what you decide and maybe set something up to save on hotel costs. Harry
  14. Lwarner: Yeah, I read my TOTW books every once and a while, I pick up something new all the time. It's not about trying to grasp it in one reading, that's what's good about it. Jody: I've been to the New Hampshire Loudon track about a year ago. I did well in some parts, horrible in others. From the course materials in Levels 1 & 2, I know there are specific things that I'm going to be able to pick up to help me. Quick Flick is big on my list to learn and two-step I heard will go a long way. My sister just signed up my brother-in-law, but him and my buddy have never been to a track. Greg: The K-1200S from what my buddy has told me and what I've seen is sweet. ABS, Traction control, etc. etc. He's offered me to take it for a spin, but I don't feel comfortable yet. He said if I could ride my bike, his is much easier, a lot of the guess work is taken out.
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