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    Yes - I did Level 1 at Eastern Creek Raceway in April 2009 and Levels 2 & 3 at Phillip Island Raceway in May 2009.

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    Brisbane, Australia
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    You guessed it - motorcycle riding! Its high on the list :) I like doing things that challenges me on many dimensions. That does mean I do have a lot of interests...<br /><br />In my life journey I would like to travel the world all over - I haven't been around much yet. I am looking forward to going to the States for more cornering coaching.
  1. It was just my luck that I was at a scuba diving course last weekend along with an ex-CSS (UK & Australia) coach. :-) Anyway, he suggested braided brake lines and for the track, to use carbon brake pads. Next track day is in early July so I'll give an update on how it goes.
  2. Last week at a Queensland Raceway trackday I noticed that at the end of each ride session my front brake lever on the 2008 ZX6R travelled further than it usually does. My bike is totally stock and people I've talked to have suggested replacing the brake pads with carbon brake pads. What does the current CSS ZX6R have in the way of brake setup? Any suggestions for improving the consistency of the brake setup for the 2008 ZX6R? I've read forum posts from other sites that suggested using brake pads from Goldfren, SBS and EBC.
  3. Hi Harry, I am planning on doing all 4 days of CSS and the rest on getting to know that part of America. I've sent a message to CSS's Corner Workers via Cobie Fair so hope to hear from them soon-ish. Hope you do go coz the track looks nice. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Hi, I've done levels 1 to 3 in Australia recently and would like to continue my learning in the USA in August this year. (I was planning this last year but distractions got in the way..) I am wondering, what is the best way to get to the track area from the airport? Which international airport would be best - Newark or JFK? Is there a bus/coach/train service that gets me to the track area easily? Would anyone be interested in hosting me while I attend the course? I am planning to arrive on Saturday the 8th and returning on Friday the 14th. I'll be happy to contribute towards the co
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