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  1. Theres a corner here at my local track where your pinned in 6th and its a long sweeping Right hander (est 280kph). Turn 5, you go from a 1st gear hairpin to a 6th gear sweeper.
  2. That depends on the turn. Where do you see the most crashes? On entry on the brakes. Is turning and braking the cause of that? Yes, it is the cause of it. Keith so it can be a bit of a tight rope walk to get that balance between hard braking and turn in.
  3. Hey mate, go do level 2 ASAP, its really the one where you learn to go quicker but your new vision skills make it seem like your going slower (if that makes sense). It'll also give you better vision for the road and make you alot more perceptive on whats going on around you, plus give you more time to deal with obstacles and hazards on the road (as all of the skills are applicable to road riding).
  4. ok so maybe it's not quite what i thought. So they appear to be backing the bike in, but what we're actually seeing is riders applying inputs into the steering while the bike is under heavy braking - thus causing the rear end to step out. So are they are turning the bike under heavy braking? then trailing the brake until the bike has completed the steering input, then straight back on the gas out of the corner.
  5. Fair enough. That would make an interesting study. myself i find i really only trail brake if i come into a turn to hot (or what i feel for me is) and this helps me get round the corner. but are you saying there are corners where trail braking can be of more benefit than that? what sort of corners? Other than supermoto, dirt bikes. Or if you don't have a dirt bike you could take a dirt school that provides 150cc four stroke bikes (or similar) for flat track training. An experience that all serious track riders should do at least once. That'd probably be good for learning about
  6. Lets say I dont have a supermoto to learn on, what can i do to start the learning process?
  7. How to slide the bike to hook it around a corner. How to "back the bike into" corners Both are common techniques used by the worlds best and yet there is nothing in the CSS drills about them. I mean, obviously you wouldn't want to start teaching this in level 1 but maybe as part of a level 3 or 4.
  8. To quote Steve "your job as the rider is to stabilise the bike by using the throttle."
  9. I'm a four finger braker and four finger accelerator and i find that i can get a smoother roll on and brake harder with more feel this way.
  10. he does know your suppose to sit on the seat? I'm sure that was in level I somewhere
  11. well i suppose when you look at it he is still locked-on to the tank, his arms are relaxed, his spine is inline with the angle of the bike, and he's definitely not crossed up. i wish I looked like that when i rode...
  12. Hey guys, wanted to get some opinions cause I'm struggling to figure this one out. Whats the best TREADED tyre for 600cc club racing and trackdays? I want it to be treaded so i can go out in the wet on the same tyre with some MINOR setup tweaks and still be competitive. No affiliation towards any particular brand but i do like pirellis.
  13. I've thought about that also and would bet it was more successful for refamiliarization if they'd been on the track before. I know before i go to Phillip Island i cut a few laps on the Xbox to get the gist of it again (if only my virtual lap times were the same as my real world ones...)
  14. watching videos can certainly familiarize yourself with the layout of the track. I heard if racers are new to a track they play it on the PlayStation or Xbox to get use to it before practice.
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