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  1. I didn't realize CSS did race schools. any down in Aus?
  2. Yeah i've noticed that the bike will handle and turn slightly differently from the start of a session (full tank) than at the end on a session (slightly lesser tank).
  3. I can tell you what i do in a usual week of fitness. MONDAY: gym class (ie SPIN, or some other high cardio low impact workout) for 45 to 50mins TUESDAY: Hockey Training (which includes running and fitness) for 2 hrs WEDNESDAY: Weights at the gym ( Specifically targeted at back, shoulders and arms to build up strength and stamina) for 30-40mins THURSDAY: Hockey Training for 2 Hrs FRIDAY: RECOVERY DAY SATURDAY: Hockey Match or in the off season a gym class (70 mins plus 30 mins warm up and warm down) SUNDAY: Pool Recovery Session. In Summer the Mondays would usual be replaced with indoor hockey and the Tuesday/thursday training night replaced with a 40-50 run or pool session. I focus alot on cardio and lean muscle development because theres no point being a 120kg body builder on a motorbike. and hockey is good not only for general fitness but it also keeps your brain working with hand-eye coordination training. Just what i do but being a "average middle-aged wannna-be track-head" just try and do something everyday for at least 40mins.
  4. Two things I have found help with this: 1) trailing the rear brake when you crack open the throttle 2) Getting your bike dyno tuned to reduce it. No. 2 is probably your best option, use to happen all the time on my old GSXR 750 (k7) but got a PCIII and a good dynotune and it was gone, it had the same feeling to that of a carbie'd bike.
  5. interesting question that cannot ever really be answered. you would have to line up all the riders concerned on the machines they are racing today - but they would all need the years of experience with those particular machines that the current riders have.
  6. I know that i'll get shot down for this but I use to do that stuff to. I'd push my limits on the public roads thinking that was the only place that i could. then i discovered trackdays and never looked back. I ride on the track more than the roads now. but laying into people that still push the limits on the road is not the answer. getting them to more trackdays is. Blaine, dont worry, your not the first and you wont be the last. just try and keep the testing and limit pushing on the track instead. just my 2c
  7. TOTW does say that being tight on the bars can cause wobbles and shakes under acceleration because your fighting the front tyres natural behavior. Heres a Dave Moss video that might help too.
  8. energy bars in between sessions, lots of drinks and plently of sleep the nights before, during and after.
  9. yeah maybe. because there is more weight pushing directly down on the tyre's contact patch as opposed to the side of it.
  10. what can help is try and keep your head as level as possible through the turn. small amounts of lean angle can feel like lots if your head isn't level. by doing this it will give you a better perception of actual lean and as opposed to leaning your head over as well.
  11. That's not the way Schwantz teaches it. He encourages weighting the inside peg. I wasn't at the level to make the bike slide the first and only time I tried it. Seems like there are a few people who like weighting the inside peg. I don't get it, but who's to say. I just can't think of one reason to do it, and have a number of reasons why I think it's inferior to locking in the outside leg. ah yeah absolutely! but that what i've heard people saying on occasion is "to mate the bike slide in a corner i put pressure on the inside peg". I tried it, the bike didn't slide and i ended up losing my grip on the tank and running wide - so i haven't tried it since.
  12. I thought you only wieghted the inside peg if you want the bike to slide in the corner?
  13. theres a bood Dave Moss video on youtube on suspension setup on a S1000RR but alot of it comes down to the track, your weight and skill level. I found putting all the clickers on 8 to start with and then tweaking from there was good.
  14. hows your riding? do you make the bike stable all the time or just some?
  15. I was lucky enough to have a ride on a 125GP bike with race shift pattern and i was worried about it but it only really took a session to get used to it and now I'm going to convert my 600 to race shift i like it that much.
  16. Hey mate, In pic number 2 i think you might be leaning off too far. one thing i really noticed in level 3 is that if you dont lean off as far, this allows your inside knee to pop out more. the instructor we had was showing us this and you can actually gain an extra couple of inches with your knee if your body is not as far out. plus i agree with khp, it seems like your twisting around the tank instead of moving perpendicular to it. so my suggestions are: not so far off, get further back so you can grip the tank with your knees and move perpendicular to the tank - not around it. But as was mentioned before some side views would be good. just my 2c
  17. I just put the two same images next to each other and and flicked between them, there was a small improvement but i think you can still bend that inside arm more and not hang off as far. Just my opinion.
  18. You wanna chime back in bullet, i'm interested to read what you learned.
  19. mm ok fair enough, it just seems from your photos that you look a little crossed up (especially i the last one) and hanging of too far can be a cause. Yes you should bend both arms (this should also make inputting steering directions easier too).
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