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  1. Sorry for the little hijack, but personally I prefer to slide as far as I can towards the tank and keep my torso high when riding briskly - particularly around sharp bends. Scooting back and leaning forwards makes me seriously uneasy. Any idea what I do wrong since my preferences obviously goes in the opposite direction of the norm? mmm i was taught to have your bum further back in the seat thus allowing your legs to grip the tank more effectively (because then your gripping with the inside if your knee and not the inner thigh) and get lower on the bike.
  2. Hey bullet, All four fingers, I find that allows me to brake harder and with better feel through the lever, and i find i have a better idea of what the front tyre is doing when i use all four. while still being able to blip the throttle on down changes. My body position is OK but i can always improve.
  3. Hey mate, Just having a quick look at your body position (and by no means am i an expert but i have done levels 1-3 also) and i think you might be trying to hang off too far (I had the same problem), all you need is a couple of inches across. Another suggestion I have is to bend your inside arm more, this will release your upper body and allow you to get your head and shoulders lower. Just my thoughts, other than that, doesn't look to bad.
  4. the Honda MotoGP bike (2011) please. power and handling? can't beat it.
  5. Hello Julian, I believe you were my on track coach for me last year in october. I use a few different things for fitness training. I try and do some form of exercise for 40-50 minutes 6 days a week. this will vary from going to the gym (i.e. classes like Spin on exercise bikes and weights are good. weights to build strength and endurance not size), other days I play a sport (in my case field hockey) which helps with aerobic fitness and hand eye co-ordination (an under rated aspect) and running other days. On the day my plan is similar to yours, the first thing i grab between sessions is a sports drink and i have power bars throughout the day with a light lunch. But i cant stress enough the importance of having a cold beer at your local at the end of the day: if you have come away shiny side up you deserve it; if you haven't, you probably need it! hope this helps.
  6. The other day, I saw i rider at a ride day down here in tassie who looked like he was struggling a bit. i got chatting to him about his riding position and the like and i explained what i had learn from doing level I, II, and III, (not everything of course but just a couple of tips that i picked up) and he came back to me after the next session saying how much of a help i was. It made me feel really good so now I'm thinking of becoming a riding coach. I enjoyed being able to help out a fellow rider.
  7. i was there on the saturday, how was the weather there on sunday? looked a bit cloudy in melbourne.
  8. Hello all, thought i would write in and let you guys know what i thought of the course a few days later when all the info had sunk in. well the verdict is ... ... ... WOW! I had no idea how much my riding would improve on the street after the course, it made a huge difference. I did the level 1 course at Phillip island, and the throttle control drill (in conjunction with the quick turn and corner entry) has solved so many of my riding problems! Went for a ride today through some of my favorite roads and my perception of how fast i can go, and how controlled i can be has completely changed. much more confident that I'm on the right line and not going to run wide. I haven't got everything nailed but i believe I'm on my way, just wanna say thanks to the riding coaches (particularly my coach Shane) and Steve for the class room sessions, and i can't wait for level 2!
  9. Awesome vid! looks quick, can't wait to do it myself!
  10. well the school day is just under 2 weeks away and i'm excited as!!! can't wait to get out there!
  11. sounds like the forum website is timing out while you type your msg. type faster lol
  12. Howdy, doin my level 1 at phillip island in a few months, any tips for riding this track???
  13. Yeah for the first couple of corners it felt a bit uncoordinated but when i go it right i was almost touching a knee on corners i didn't think were possible to touch a knee down on. And it didn't feel fast, just nice and controled.
  14. Hello from Aus, Just wanted to say that i have been watching some of the footage on youtube and decided to try locking in my outside leg and taking the weight off my hands today to see if it made any difference to stability and corner speed. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! much better, and sitting a little further away from the tank worked a treat too!!! I have also booked in my level 1 course at Philip Island in october. Thought to myself: if i can learn that in a 2min vid on the net, imagine what i could learn from a whole day. Can't wait!!
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