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  1. Good question Hotfoot! One of the great things about racing is you can't help but learn something about yourself from simply being on the grid. I guess dealing with nerves is a personal thing, and I don't know that there is any one way that would work for 2 people. I have found that the mind just goes crazy with thoughts in the lead up to a race, and it becomes pretty distracting. Do you find something similar? Or maybe the thoughts get you so fired up that the adrenaline just takes over and it's like you're just a passenger on some red misted rollercoaster?
  2. Good topic Bullet...... I think what bcnu has mentioned is something most of us will identify with. Distraction. Regardless of what the distraction is, if it takes away any of your $10, it's going to have an effect. The guy in front of you, that lap time your aiming for, did I leave the oven on at home............ I see it in our trainee coaches when they go for their riding pass. Just knowing someone has their attention on you can be a huge distraction. When I would ride with Steve Brouggy (Oz school director), just knowing he was there would take just enough attention that I would ma
  3. Welcome Litus, Thanks for joining! Hope you get what you want from this forum.
  4. Wow, that sure is a technical question Andy. Might leave this for the physics experts out there. I just ride bikes
  5. Turn at a later point, and steering it quicker is a good plan Chocadile. Are you comfortable that you know exactly how to get the thing steered quicker?
  6. Is it just me, or are the highsides we see in MotoGp today happening earlier in the turn than is say the days of 500's. Often before the apex towards the completion of the steering input Examples that spring to mind - Lorenzo at China last year, then again at Laguna this year Casey at Laguna this year Hayden at Sachenring this year Anyone have any theories on this? Or perhaps want to tell me I'm imagining things..........
  7. Welcome Quique! Jerez. What a track to go to school on!
  8. Great! Well, of the 3 points you identified for improvement, 2 of them (points 2 and 3) will be addressed in great detail in level 3, so I leave that to Cobie and his crew Your observation of where you're turning the bike is an accurate one, and one worth putting some attention on. If you wanted to turn a little later, in the first right in the chicane before the straight for example, could you just pick a later turn point? Or would you need to make other changes too? There's some great reading on this exact point in Twist fo the Wrist II by the way. Pages 66-78 in particular
  9. Hey Chocadile, Thanks for posting that up. Video is such a good tool for working on your riding isn't it? You're getting along pretty good. Certainly your throttle control in T7 sounds really nice. What levels of the school have you done?
  10. Yeah, Marty is a pretty cool, low-key type of guy. Great racer. You're right. Cobie I think can tell a great tale of when Marty did the steering drill in Level 1.........
  11. Great result Steve! Thanks for posting. I was lucky enough to ride T/Bolt on a recent trip to the USA. That's one fun track you have there! I love that quick right just after the crest on the back straight. Let us know what comes from your Aug CSS.
  12. "It brings it into perspective that even the top guys are working on the same drills as us mere mortals! Thats pretty cool!" Right on!
  13. Hi Stuart, Thanks for joining. You may be one of the first Kiwi's to do so! Great! There's a ton of info here, and plenty of people to help with any questions you have in the lead up to your first school. We're really excited about coming over to run some CSS events at Hampton Downs - Looks to be an incredible facility they're building for you out there! Also looks to be a keen riding community in NZ which we're looking forward to getting in amongst. Bring on November! Cheers,
  14. Do you mind just clarifying this one point..... "Press inside knee into the tank and use the inner knee/thigh to help slide my arse across in to position for the turn." When you say "inside knee" do you mean "inside of the knee", or the inside knee (i.e left knee in a left hander), or something else? May seem a minor point, but if there's been a misunderstanding there it would certainly make things harder than they need to be, so we'll just make sure.
  15. That second shot is "one for the pool room" for sure.
  16. I have one of those twins too! He also pushes buttons when he's not suppose to.
  17. Yeah I messed up a pushed the wrong button. What does "teast use" mean Cobie?
  18. Great shots Jody. I think you've landed in a pretty good place. Enjoy your 4 days at CSS, and if you end up with some photos be sure to post them up.
  19. Is there anywhere we can view the trailer online? It goes without saying all of us here in Oz are really excited about this!
  20. Really interesting reading in this thread. We all see it in our own way don't we For what it's worth, in my riding, it's the visuals that rank #1. What you see dictates what you do. Following in a close 2nd is big skids, then wheelies rounds out my top 3 skills in order of importance.
  21. Exactly! The legs anchor you to the bike, and your core keeps your upper body from just flailing around. So in terms of some form of preparation, cycling is a good place to start. It's no coincidence that many top level motorcycle riders are also high level cyclists. Anything that improves your legs strength or endurance will help for sure. Oh, and we'll help you with how you're moving across the bike. There's a couple of drills on how to get that done as effectively as possible.
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