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  1. Steve's right on that one! Level 3 is pretty physical, but the rewards are huge if you can nail the drills. From what you've discovered so far, which part of the body do you think would do the most work in an ideal riding scenario? Upper body and arms, core, or lower body and legs? Think back to the relax drill... FYI - There is a whole section of Twist of the Wrist II dedicated to this very point. Section 2, it starts on page 32.
  2. Great post! When you really get away from the bars, it's amazing the feeling you get isn't it. The Tech-spec pads are a great product, no doubt. That phenomenon you've found is the basis of the level 3 day. If you like that feeling, I think you'll enjoy level 3 alot! Come say Hi on the day and introduce yourself.
  3. Hey Trixie, Just take a look at the number of world class riders who either have backgrounds in dirt riding, or do it as a form of cross training. Certainly a great way to improve your skills. For what it's worth, I often use the dirtbike to play around with stuff. The lack of traction seems to amplify the result of a change in technique (good or bad). I've found the principles in Twist of the Wrist II apply to dirt riding in many ways too. The application of some techniques varies a bit (for example the body position like Bullet mentioned), but I found I could read a section of
  4. Hey Taras, Welcome mate. Great to see a familiar face up here! Hope all is well. Will we be seeing you again sometime soon?
  5. Hi Dark Suzuki, The Island is for sure a pretty fast track, but it's designed that way, so there's alot of space in the turns. With all that space you almost don't notice the speed. It's all relative. Doing Level 1 will be a great introduction to what many consider one of the world's best tracks. We'll build you into gradually, and by the end of the day I think you'll find you'll be pretty comfortable (at the very least). A tip for riding it? Well, it's just another piece of asphalt isn't it? Treat it as you would any other road or track and we'll take it from there Look for
  6. .......what Kristi said..........
  7. Hi Dids, Firstly, Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to sign up to the forum. Hope it becomes a useful resource for you (and a source of a few laughs too). This question does come up from time to time as Kevin mentioned. I have found it's usually when the term "Level 1" has been slightly mis-interpreted as "beginner" or "entry level". Level 1 would probably be better defined as something like "The Start". The info in level 1 is no more or no less advanced than the following levels, it's just where we need to start in order to develop a riders full understanding. Does that make sen
  8. That shot of Spies and Mladin shows the contrast in styles really well doesn't it. For me, Spies is more enjoyable to watch, and his results would suggest he's onto a good thing!
  9. Glad you enjoyed your day at the Creek Rod. Be sure to come introduce yourself when your out there for Level 2.
  10. Hi Everyone, My name is Adam Raffe, and I'm the Chief Riding Coach for the Australian leg of the CSS. I've been hearing that this forum has become more and more popular recently, and attracting interest from all over the world, so I decided (after a little nudge from Cobie) to get on board and represent the schools downunder. I'll be honest, I havn't spent alot of time in forums prior to this, so I'm looking forward to getting into it, and sharing a good bit of banter with you all under the guise of "work" So HELLO!
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