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  1. Hey guys, I've signed up. My wife just gave me a voucher for Aus CSS tonight for my birthday. We both ride. I have a CBR600F4i and she has a 2008 Ducati Monster 696. Now the skiting (the voucher and my wife's ride) is out of the way... Couple of questions. I've never done a CSS before. I have done the Stayupright Intermediate and Advanced I and Advanced II (braking and cornering). Now, I know I am not Rossi - the first sign of failure is overconfidence. It's almost a sure sign that you're a know-all bastard too! But I'm wondering if doing Level 1 of CSS will be a 'step back' from the Stay Upright training I've done? I don't want to start an us v them argument, so just a factual thing would be good. I know about corner fixation, eye position, body movement, smoothness and so on. Or... is it just different? What should I expect? Any tips and stuff welcome.
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