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  1. Stuman, I may be there that weekend. Look for a whit Chev truck and fifth wheel. I ride a blk ZX6r John Dwulet
  2. I love the track - what I typically do is skip some morning time by hanging in the RV, then enjoying the unpopulated afternoon. I get to work on my learned CSS Skills. The footage I like best starts at about 5:40. The techniques I learned at CSS helped me learn 8-9-10 ( or 10-9-8)
  3. My first real bike was a Harley Davidson 90 cc Enduro, rode that until the motor blew on a 13 acre lot behing my fathers business. Next bike was a used 1971 Norton Commando in college - that was around 1976. I then had a 750 Suzuki something or other in 1979 - that finally died after a year or two. I moved to San Diego in 1982 and bought a brand new 1982 Honda Nighthawk CB450 - rode that for 4 years and sold it. Stopped riding for a while, then bought a new Sportster 8 years ago - bought a new DRZ 400s shortly after the HD - the HD didn't last long - Dumped it for a Buell 9S, then got a Kawi 600, got rid of the Buell for a 2004 Tuono. Trade the Kawi 600 for a 636... The 636 was eventually traded for a new 750 GSXR. The list goes. Today I have 5 bikes: 04 YZ450, 04 Tuono, 06 DRZ 400SM, 07 FJR and a 09 R1.
  4. I was thinking about wearing a gorillia suit over my leathers
  5. OK - so it looks like no one else is coming from SoCal - but - I am dropping achor at the 'Hitchin Post RV Park' which is about 5 minutes from the track. I will arrive Thursday evening and will be there till Tuesday morning. If anyone want to come share a cold one - you are welcome. I can be reached at SIX - ONE - NINE : THREE TWO ZERO -- EIGHT SEVEN ZERO SEVEN. JohnnyD
  6. Hey all, Going to the Oct 31, Nov 1 2009 two day camp at Las Vegas, who else is going? I'm pulling my 28' toy box and staying at a nearby RV park, if anyone is coming from SoCal or nearby and needs a lift, I'm heading that way with plenty of room. JD
  7. See you Oct 31 and Nov 1 in Las Vegas..
  8. I signed up for Oct 31 and Nov 1 first as well, I can't wait...
  9. I planning on attending the October 31 2 day - if I tow my RV there, can I drop anchor near the track? John Dwulet
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