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  1. Finishing steering means that one is at full lean?
  2. In to my copy "Twist of the wrist II",page 25 it says "steering is completed before you start to get it on". At page 27 it says..."I try to get the throttle on just before max lean angle for the turn.This is how you get the bike to settle into the turn comfortable. The grip on the right is the fun regulator." Am i missing something here?...
  3. Once the bike is at the lean angle you want and not before? (wouldn't this mean the front is well loaded up so more likely to slide?) just as it's reaching it? This is a good point...i wonder too...
  4. Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul

  5. Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul

  6. Yes that was exactly what was happening, i had good lean and confidence, but i was running a bit wide wondering what the problem was...thx very well said .
  7. Hello Crash106 and thank you very much for replying.You are very right! For too long i have misunderstood that info, thinking that it was safer to stabilize the lean with the throttle after the flick. Today i was cranking the throttle a bit later leting the bike to settle well before and it was fine. I have read "Twist II" , and i have finished the SBK level 1 in my country but i m still getting a litlle comfused sometimes. Thank you.
  8. Hi everyone. I was wondering wich one is the proper technique when cornering :leaning and roll on simultaneously or on a different time like: first lean and then crack the throttle? Thanks
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