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  1. great bikes!! i just bought an S1000xr with a full akro....perfect bike for me. My race bike is an R6 ....130 hp at the rear.
  2. Thanks....but it's a waste of my time and would prob only confuse some....the CSS coaches have a clear process and way of delivering it.
  3. i'll be bowing out of these conversations going forward. Too cliquey. Also too "green" Good luck to all of you! Listen to the coaches!!!
  4. i get the same race feel from the Ntechs.....if you can't trust your tires....or feel them....you won't go as fast. Sport touring tires....pilot road 5s.....what are is your race bike? street ride?
  5. Back to the topic Heading..."Why Are We Weighting The Outside Peg? i use that technique when racing. I use it to accelerate sooner and/or when i change my line.
  6. hope so.....BArber is a great track. Offers alot for rider training. Elevations, blind corners-ish....great surface too
  7. in an earlier post....when i did CodeRace...they didn't have the bike working to ride....Would have loved it!!
  8. nice work....where was the race? I don't see the details posted anywhere
  9. ok...just watched this....i wasn't wrong. Terminology is different...how others describe it will be different....not here to argue semantics.
  10. i 'm reading these posts and i don't know who's speaking. Are you a racer?motorcycle, car?? how much "time in the seat".....not just track days but racing? What real experience do you have and for how long? Without knowing...it's all conjecture.
  11. i can imagine. When was at Streets doing my Code race school with Dylan, it was down.
  12. thanks Cobie.....my opinions are for track riding.....i wouldn't go that deep into a corner/situation on the street
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