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  1. I just wanted to say Thank You to Keith, Josh (my riding coach) and the rest of the CSS staff for everything!!! I did my Level 1 the 31st of August and must say that it was definitely a great experience. I started off the day very very nervous and worried about crashing the schools bike, but all of that seemed to disappear during the 3rd session out and for the rest of the day. Josh I can't thank you enough for the coaching/feedback you provided to me as that helped me get rid of those butterflies. The best parts of the day were the times when Josh just road by me and looked back and gave
  2. My name is Jermaine and I am new to the forum and currently scheduled to attend Level 1 & 2 at VIR on Aug. 31/Sept. 1. I am looking forward to learning alot and improving my cornering confidence and skills. I see there is a wealth of information on the board and am hoping to learn something new everytime I visit this site.
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