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    I have completed all levels from 1-4 at Phillip Island Victoria

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    I like everything to do with wsbk, motogp, asbk, bsbk, ama and the iom tt
  1. Dylan, I know Steve Brouggy of the school in Oz is all over getting it, but not the details of when/how. I'm going to shoot him a note, see if he can get us any specifics. CF Hey Cobie, Thanks for the note. We're just waiting on them to arrive in the US office. As soon as they are there and we've got the dimensions and weight of the boxes we'll get them shipped here. Should be around 2 - 3 weeks all up I'm guessing. Price will be dependant on shipping costs and exchange rate at the time of purchase, so we'll have to wait to firm that up. If any Aussies want to order it, plea
  2. Welcome Dave mate thats great. I also found that it was the small things that were changed that made a big improvement .
  3. What the? Im going to buy that DVD monday. You've got to love the IOM. There is an interveiw with Rossi from this years race.
  4. I'll recheck my lotto numbers again. Dont think I can make it to the states 10-15 times in a year . But if it was at P.I. count me in.
  5. Thanks Cobie Now that Im apart of the css forum Ill know sooner. The Australian Motor Cycle News (AMCN a motorbike magazine) was the only other way I could find out, great to know. Dont be strangers now, you hear .
  6. Mate, hahah, yes, I will try and do a school day next time at PI because Steve and the guys will keep me in check! I have some footage of some nice lines through Lukey too. Just got a bit too over my head that day . I checked out http://www.macpark.org/ and it looks cool but the onboard videos was under construction. I googled it but couldn't find anything onboard. Send me a link if you have one please. The R1 is a real pleasure at the island because you can really open it up in so many corners. I'm not shy to do it, but crashing there is usually high speed also! Remember Rossi's cra
  7. No time like now. It would be great to meet you Keith. Dont be strangers we dont bite down under .
  8. G'day Mate Three levels in three days and a 4th track day, WOW! I wouldn't have been able to walk after all that riding . Sorry about not understanding correctly, but under 2 minutes is pretty good at the Island regardless. Well done mate. What is Mt. Gambier like? I just did level 3 and 4 back to back at the Streets of Willow here in Cali. Was great fun, but nothing like PI! It's almost a bit like Broadford, except the runoff there sucks in a lot of places, especially crash corner where there's a ditch and a steep hill going up. I know people have passed away in that corner I wasn't to
  9. Always a pleasure mate Great to know about your experience with the SBK school and glad your friend converted. It was the same for me after I did level 1 at Laguna Seca, couldn't believe how much I learned. So you already did some decent times at the Island before you did the school, very nice. It would be great to see just how much those times have come down after the school. I am interested in comparing my times (and also the effort required) at the Island after I go back because I've done all the levels here in the US. Would be great to do level 4 at PI with Steve Brouggy. I did track days
  10. Hey Sof thanks mate. I have done a 1.58 on a cbr 600 f4. In the classes Steve taught me far more than any time will show. You really should get over to do a class, a mate of mine said "Ive been riding for 35 years what are they going to improve", after the wsbk we did a school and my mate was blown away and he is converted. It may be a small thing that is changed in a number of different areas but the change will be huge. Im hoping to be there next year for level four again.
  11. Thanks Jasonzilla its great to be part of the css forum
  12. That is a great story! So, how did your class go, we need more info! Best, Cobie Hi Cobie and Iwarner thanks. what I learnt in all four levels I use in day to day practice. My riding skills are great, fast, yet smooth, (just ask me Ill tell you ) I love corners high/low speed. Steve Brouggy would have to be the best Instructor I have ever met, the way he turned my negative approach into the most positive thing is a credit to him and the css. I will forward his teaching to anyone who will listen. I try to get to P.I. as many times as possible, I have completed level 1-4 and
  13. That is a great story! So, how did your class go, we need more info! Best, Cobie
  14. Hi everybody, I just like to say thankyou to Keith Code and the instructors from the css. I was always told that I wouldn't be able to do many things after being hit by a car 20 years ago (I'm partially paralised down the whole right side of my body). When Steve Brouggy at P.I. in Melbourne, Australia showed me that there was nothing at all wrong with me and said that it was an unfair advantage because I had smooth throttle control before I had turned a wheel on the track. For the first time in my life I felt sorry for everybody in my class. Keith all your instructors that work for you are
  15. If you can get your head around 4 gear no brakes, throttle control, target fixation (dont do!), look were your going and ask as many questions as you can. No question is a stupid one. All the instructors are there to make you into a great rider. Do all 4 levels and you wont beleive what you will be able to acheive.
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