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  1. Bullet, thank you so much. Now i have much clear idea of how will be my second day in Jerez. Again, hope to see your there!. Perhaps we already met in april there.
  2. Hi!. I´m going to attend a two days camp next September in Jerez. As i made levels 1&2 last April, now it´s time for levels 3&4. As level 4 seems to be different from the others, could someone explain me how a day of level 4th is? Thank you for your answers and regards from Spain!
  3. Thank you for your warm welcome!! Nice video, bullet!! Yes, for sure we will meet in september, hope to see you sunday the 20th at the bar of the "LA cueva" hotel . I´m doing some more sport in order to be more trained for level 3. For the american guys: my dream will be to do a two days camp at Laguna Seca with Keith Code being also there!!!
  4. Hi! I was at the two days camp in Jerez last april for level 1&2. It was really an amazing experience!!. So it was, that i have booked next two days camp for september also in Jerez for levels 3&4. I´m sure it will be again very useful.
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