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  1. Hey Stevo... Well definitely DONT worry about whoever is behind you...pretty much on track days the passer HAS to make sure the pass is ok....you should just concentrate on what is in front.. Sounds like you are working on good things.. Quick turns is good...or just working on hitting all your TPs perfectly...maybe pick one or two turns to try you QTs and make sure you hit your points right where you want to... have fun!
  2. I kind of found this an interesting topic with some neat posts….Humbly I might but my two cents in…. I don't think crashing has to happen to push to improve…crashing happens…but hey you could get hit in the chest playing football and have a cardiac arrest …or ski off a mountain and get buried by an avalanche…stuff happens…..but I wouldn't anal-lyse over of it… High side crashes probably happen for three reasons…1) you got taken out by some other stupid dude..2) you did something technically wrong…3) you did something stupid that caused you to do something technically wrong…sounds like you did #3 and #2….some good coaching could probably spot what it is…and..well..its corrected! Low sides happen…I am not sure Greg that I would with intent push to find it…but I know some of my friends do that…the new Battleax BT-003s seem to loose traction but do so in an incredibly predictable way….and so they use them in the way you said…I have done it to some extend in the rain..since you are going at a slower speed…I like the idea of smaller bikes = slower speeds… Going faster is the main goal but it shouldn't be the path..…if you TRY to go faster it usually doesn't happen (and you probably stand a higher chance of crashing). Kevin Schwantz said that he won, not by trying to go faster, but by riding perfectly…doing all the little things that make up riding as perfectly as possible..that sounds like a pretty good way to go...so Steve...stop the drama..get back on the bike and start working on riding perfectly (said with affection )
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