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  1. Erick, there is the answer! He has a GSX750srad with Diablo Supercorsa and I have a ZX10R with Diablo Rosso Corsa! I hang off of the bike more them him and drag the Knee keeping the chicken strips. He lay the bike more than Hang off of the bike. Now I have the answer! Thank You very much, Erick! Luiz Direito
  2. My question is because I have a friend with no chicken strips in front tire. Is it because he slides the rear constantly making the front tire to touch the edge? Thank You very much, Erick. In track use, is it commom to have chicken strips in front too?
  3. Please, I don´t understand why in all my tires that I use in my ZX10R there are no Chicken strips in rear tire but there are a 1 cm chicken srips in each side of the front tire when I take tha road? Is that the wrong pressure that I am using, wrong suspension setup or wrong position on the motorcycle? This road that I ride in the weekend is a high speed road with hight speed turns, but the "end" of the front tire never touch the paviment. I always use only the stock tires and the rght tire to my motorcycle (120/70 -17 Diablo Rosso Corsa and 190/55 - 17 Diablo Rosso Corsa) Pressure I use 30f
  4. I read the page of the Twist of the Wrist II and it says to Brake Hard in the start and then light! Is that what really are there, or I had a bad understanding? If it is true, why brake hard and the light? Like bullet said, it would be better light, hard and light again.
  5. Thank you very Much, Bullet! I really understand your way of thought, but in the DVD says that, if I really understood, the purpose of it is to make the brake distance lower instead of a long way braking and already says that on the road the brake is different like that light, then Hard braking and like you said, it is very usefull in the road too! I agree with what you said and noto with what I understand from DVD, mybe because my bad english .
  6. Please, I already read the two Books of Keith Code and watch the two DVDs many times, but still have a doubt about braking, maybe because my bad understanding in English language: How I need to Brake to cornering in a track? Hard then Light, or Light than Hard? I think that what I undestood is light than Hard, but why??? In the DVD says that the Target is to set the speed in the minimum space possible, but brake hard all the time doesn´t do it better? Why in the road is different from the track, like video says? Please, someone give me the light to this doubt! Thanks.
  7. Hello, my name is Luiz Direito and I am from Brazil, since I Know myself I love motorcycles and sport riding .The dream of my life ever was to ride a bike in the track and I already did that 3 times and love it. Since I was a Teen age I have studied a lot about riding techniches, but only about some years could aply it in the track and learned a lot. Pleasure to be here and share the experience with all of you. Thanks.
  8. Dear Luiz, Keith's books say a couple of things that can help you. For one thing, it is better to have the braking finished before you turn in for the corner. This way you can put all your attention onto your corner speed. So start braking earlier, finish earlier, and set your speed right for the corner! After you get your corner speed set ok, then you can think about braking later, but always keeping it smooth.If you finish your braking before the turn, then you will have no problem with no room for your foot on the brake lever. Also, on the track, the rear brake is not much good for
  9. My advice would be to not worry about dragging your knee just yet. I'm not that tall and I wondered if I was at a disadvantage compared to guys with long legs but I don't think it's that big of a factor. I'm the same height as Stoner, Lorenzo and Biaggi and I too eventually figured it out, but I wasn't after a half dozen track days and a school session. I don't think trying to drag your knee on public roads is a great idea with things like sand, gravel, animals, etc. around- wait till you get to the track. For countersteering I'd suggest finding an empty road or big empty parking lot where
  10. Hey, guys! I am Luiz from Brazil , so my english is very bad! I have a modified Rz350 in honor to Wayne Rainey, and rided it a few times in the track, but still have a long way of riding skills to learn, however I always use the knowledge that I learn in Keith Code´s books, but I still have a doubt: Approaching the turn I brake hard the front brake shifting down simultaneously, but I don´t Know how to use the rear brake and when. In the right turns it is very difficult to use it, because there is no space between the motorcycle and the ground to put the right foot in the lever of the re
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