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    My family, first (I have trouble taking rides, because I have to leave them to do it).<br />Sportbikes... so many bikes, so little money<br />I'm also a gun nut! (dooooon't you judge me!) There's an amazing correlation between sportbikes and guns (HUGE power, small package, speed of sound performance... shall I go on?)!<br />The stock market is also an animal that I'm trying to tame (or at least predict).<br />

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  1. Patrick, Go to each company's website for their sizing charts and then measure your head (they tell you where their measurements were taken, i.e. above the eyebrows and ears). Each company can vary completely. I bought my 10 year old son an extra small from AFX and I can wear it! Then I bought an AGV in medium for myself and it fits perfectly. (I guess my son can grow into it!). Also, read their instructions on fit, then go try them on before you buy one. They all generally recommend a snug fit with no lateral movement (the helmet and your scalp and skin should move together), its strange at first, but you don't want your lid coming off in a get off!
  2. Yeah, I guess I didn't research the topic as thoroughly as I thought. I went to NGK's website and their reputation is pretty impressive. Add to that the fact that Rossi's YZR-M1 has NGK's in it and that's some pretty potent "professional advice". Thanks for the input and model #, Sof; It helped me find a dealer on ebay!
  3. He used NGK, but like I said, when you see the iridiums and Splitfires going for $6-$8 a piece, the $2 NGK's just seem inadequate. And also like I said, I may just be over-thinking the subject; I was just hoping for some professional advice.
  4. I have now officially scoured the site and found several product brands recommended, but no one even mentions a preferred brand of spark plug. I bought an NGK for my lawn mower, and can't imagine that cheap of a plug for my new (to me) R1. I've contacted both Bosch and Splitfire, and both told me to go elsewhere, their plugs burn too hot and will "Blow up your bike". I find this hard to believe since sportbikes have such high-performance engines, and I distinctly remember Splitfire sponsoring a Kawasaki racing team. This is my first winter with a bike in over 15 years, and I want to do everything right; so spark plugs are a pretty important piece of the winterization process. What brand does CSS endorse (no offense if its NGK)? If it is NGK, is there a premium version or model that is recommended? And lastly, am I over-thinking this whole topic? Are they so simple that any type/brand will do? By the way, my R1 is a 2000 with 8000 miles on it and has been meticulously cared for by the original owner (a good friend of mine).
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