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  1. Fascinating stuff Bullet, I've only ever used the index finger for all my braking due to it being the only one left on that hand when I started riding Due to the tip joint being permantely broken (ie no bend ) and limited bend in the middle , I often found myself with a 'scredriver' type grip at the end of the bar where I got more 'feel' from the end of the brake lever.... Before level 3 though, I always had my elbow pointing out after the turnpoint....and now with my elbow pointing down ,(when I remember that is !!!) I find my grip has relaxed and that in turn has meant that on t
  2. Welcome Ollie... Definately learn loads on here.......just got to ask !! regards Nige P.S. Whose Buller ?????????
  3. Fantastic stuff.....hats off to you ,an inspiration indded !!! Where and what are you racing ? Have a hoot and we want the full story on your return Nige
  4. Bobby Fascinating topic .....I've been in the same quandry since my double off at pembrey at the test weekend in Feb this year !!! It was the entry to Dibeni the long left that had me off twice and for the meeting in May I was spending all my time thinking about THAT corner...!! Some old boy from a sidecar team overheard me whinging on about it and sat me down.... "use the two before to get it back and then use them to flow into your problem corner"....... It wasn't an immediate success but by getting a flow, and reminding myself of 2-3 step,, I felt more relaxed and I got
  5. Fascinating subject,,but I can't remember why I started,,was only 11 years ago but I left it later than most !! (I was 38) .....and not completely sure why I love it..... Gonna think about it for a day or two and come back !!! Nige
  6. Until this season the only points i'd ever got were in the rain......but then i hadn't visited the school nige
  7. Glad to hear you're 'finally' on the mend....strange really coz it didn't look that bad at the time but i was watching from the pitwall and did'nt see how you landed.
  8. Good Shout Bullet, meant knee down....(only person to suffer at my first school was your goodself....how is the shoulder? ) I was in the begginers group at Nogaro '02 (with en ex competitor of css!!mmm ) and on the 3rd day finally got my knee down at turn one...only problem was I had no sliders just a big bulky knee of Frank Thomas padding.....knee dug into tarmac which slightly upset the bike !!! Found myself vering sharp left across grass at rapid rate towards the hedge !!! Luckily Mr Chilli's words came into my head and I saved it and found my way back on track with the ducati l
  9. welcome Nic. For what it's worth it took me 3 1/2 years before I did it,,, I'm sure someone on here break it all down for you but personally I'd forget about the knee down and concentrate on getting a feel for the bike and relaxing....if your spending too much time on this aspect then other ,(probably more important ) parts of your riding will suffer !!! It will happen with the right advice ,,I hope your first time will be a slightly better experience than mine Nige
  10. Hi Sof Unfortuantely the figure in brackets was my age when I started not my age now ,,was it deliberately misleading !! Anyway.after 2 years racing in f400 I couldn't work out why i was being left at the exits and blamed it on lack of hp etc etc Eureka moment 1) came in the first lesson as Glen explained throttle control and the theory behind it ,,then doin it on track never felt so right before !! The quick turn and rider input were the other two. I'm sure my bike wondered who was on it for the day ,,, coz at the end of the day it didn't feel like me !!!!! The only embarrasing pa
  11. Glad you're ok Bullet..... Found the photo of my instructor on the homepage,,and it was John Trotter (Jet)..called him Jed all day,,!!! I'll be on the first school in 2010 .. I think it's amazing that riders all over the world are gettin' a buzz being taught the same stuff..... Nigel
  12. Hello all I've just completed Level one at Silverstone on saturday 12th and spent the last 3 days reading through the forum....how much more info can my brain take ?!!! I've been riding for 10 years, but was a late starter (38 ),,had numerous trackdays , attended similar type school (well almost similar !!!) , started racing as novice '07 , (crashing '08 !!) and never have I been able to take in so much new information in just one day. ( 3 big eureka moments in one day ) Regained loads of confidence and even some understanding of why the bike does what it does and why certain acti
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