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  1. Yes that is correct. Thanks and you will.
  2. November 21/22. Poor is a relative term. I'd trade some coin for some better lap times.....hey wait, that's why I am taking the classes. Have fun in California, by the way, how long is the drive from Willows to Palm Desert. I go there a lot and maybe I could connect the two locations with the same visit south?
  3. Only if you can carry a set of clubs for 36 holes......I need a good caddie too.
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Doug Knight and I am just getting back into riding after 16 years away from it and unfortunately I don't do moderation real well so I bought a Ducati 1198S for fathers day, decided I should do some track days with it, but realized that was a big investment to lean real hard into the corners and a month later I added a fully race prepped 2007 R6 to the garage(tricked it out pretty good too), which meant I needed a two bike trailer, and of course now a new SUV for towing. Did one track day in Seattle last month and was hooked AGAIN and signed up for 2-day camp in Vega
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