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  1. Yes that is correct. Thanks and you will.
  2. November 21/22. Poor is a relative term. I'd trade some coin for some better lap times.....hey wait, that's why I am taking the classes. Have fun in California, by the way, how long is the drive from Willows to Palm Desert. I go there a lot and maybe I could connect the two locations with the same visit south?
  3. Only if you can carry a set of clubs for 36 holes......I need a good caddie too.
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Doug Knight and I am just getting back into riding after 16 years away from it and unfortunately I don't do moderation real well so I bought a Ducati 1198S for fathers day, decided I should do some track days with it, but realized that was a big investment to lean real hard into the corners and a month later I added a fully race prepped 2007 R6 to the garage(tricked it out pretty good too), which meant I needed a two bike trailer, and of course now a new SUV for towing. Did one track day in Seattle last month and was hooked AGAIN and signed up for 2-day camp in Vegas coming up in November. I used to race a Hurricane and rode a 1990 FZR 1000 on the street back then and even took the CSS at Laguna Seca in 1991, but had to give it all up to become an orthodontist and since then everyone has steered me away from bikes (something about my hands????), but now those influences aren't chirping in my ear anymore(yes the ex. has moved to Mexico and our daughter is off to college). So I am looking forward to doing it better/faster/safer this time from the get go and CSS seems like the best place to start.....again. Looking forward to Vegas for all the right reasons. Doug
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