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  1. I am willing to sell Peter's 1996 Honda RS125 for $3500.
  2. I am attempting to raise some funds to get Peter (www.peterlenz.com) over to the BSB 125 series later this year. I have a collection of race related shirts I am putting up for sale/auction. Included in this batch are some old school Superbike School shirts. The short sleeve shirt has a bit of paint on it. Starting at $10
  3. This is pretty nice... it is in Peter's new Arai helmet. Just need to train people that it is there.
  4. If you guys are interested, you can follow along on FB. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Peter-Lenz/70479071698 ... it is a fan page.
  5. Four of the riders in the race have been to the school for sure, along with Austin who was on the Johnny Player Special colored R6.
  6. Stu, those look really nice. The front straight rain shots are really nice.
  7. We haven't decided what to do yet. But based on the financial reality and the current state of sponsorship and the economy, unless something changes we will need to go the cup route. Cheap rides in Spain or the British 125 series cost $70k, plus personal expenses. Running both would be good, but that is beyond what we can do.
  8. Talked to him last week, in really good spirits. Should have a full recovery.
  9. That looks like Pacific Raceways (the old SIR)
  10. um... I think he retired to spend time kick starting his son's RSF150R Good to speak to you again Mr. Kane.
  11. Like Will tugging on Peter's elbow as he passed him this past Tuesday
  12. The school offers the CodeRACE school where racecraft is experienced too
  13. This is from one of Peter's sponsors, FNB Racing. ... FNB Racing’s young gun, Peter Lenz batted 1,000 as he won 6 heats and 6 mains, led every lap, and took every holeshot in NMRRA’s road racing action this past weekend. After racing five events in California and a Canadian National, road racing’s rising star came back to a track that he knew well. Living in Fort Vancouver, WA, USA the track used by NMRRA in McMinnville, Oregon is as close as it gets for the young road racer. At the recommendation of Peter’s riding coach, Keith Code, author of The Twist of the Wrist series and coach to such champion riders as Wayne Rainey, Doug Chandler, Ben Bostrom, Peter has been making as many stops within driving distance to gain experience across Western North America. Over the past several months Peter and his Dad have traveled over 10,000 miles to attend races looking for the challenges of new tracks and talented riders to compete with at his level. Peter rode his Metrakit Canada supplied bike in his private coaching session with Keith Code earlier this month and the impact was immediate. Upon Peter’s return to the McMinnville track he was running record lap times in his first practice while reacquainting himself with the track. Peter was true to form as he took pole, earned every holeshot, led every lap and won all six classes he entered. This weekend he ran smart, conserving himself and his equipment. “I just put my head down and rode hard for the first couple laps until I had a gap, then I would back off a bit to make sure I didn’t use up my bike. The gearing Vortex Racing sent was good. It was good to have the right gearing after Willow and Stratotech where I had ran out. Thanks Lee,” commented Lenz. This weekend saw Peter giving valuable feedback to FNB Racing team owner, Justin Watkins, who was running Peter’s three bikes this weekend. “I let Peter run the show. He was really good at communicating what was going on with the bikes. I made the adjustments he asked for and we went from there,” explained Watkins. “Peter’s father normally runs his bikes but wasn’t able to attend this weekend due to medical reasons. I was happy to help one of my rider’s out. It was a change from my responsibilities with AMA Timing and Scoring and my FNB Racing sprint and endurance teams. I have known Peter since he was three, back when his father rode on my team. FNB Racing has been supporting Peter since he gave up the dirt and went to asphalt. I see what we are doing here but in an earlier phase with the same type of program Celtic Racing has been doing with PJ Jacobson with similar success. Peter brought our team its first national championship last year and he is leading the 2007 series right now as well. I believe he has the potential to do something special if given the support,” explained Watkins. You can learn more about Peter and his goals on his website at http://www.peterlenz.com and about FNB Racing at http://www.fnb-racing.com. Peter’s 2007 Personal Sponsors Metrakit Canada, California Superbike School, Arai Helmets, EDR Performance, Elf Lubricants, Performance Under Gear, MiniGPX, PMP, Pro Caliber Motorsports, Miller Paint and Graphics, All Things Drywall, Vortex Racing, and SpyOptic.
  14. These are a couple of videos of one of the School's younger students, Peter. http://www.youtube.com/minigpx
  15. That is great, I wish I had photos from way back... back when I used to cross the double yellow cause I didn't know how to ride.
  16. The easiest thing for me to do was put my nose in line with the edge of the upper (where the mirror would mount), this forces your head and shoulders down and over on the bike... less likely to scrape ###### and crash.
  17. This is what you are talking about... now available on DVD http://www.speedontwowheels.com/ Though be sure to only half listen to what Reg is saying
  18. What kind of pressure do you run when it is warm? Sure sounds like your pressure was way too high.
  19. Right zipper... cause you know Rossi, he doesn't think about the bike or his riding at all. Just turn the twisty thing on the right there and you have it all pegged. Thanks man, your insight is awesome!
  20. How does he stay on without locking in his knee?
  21. I will be there with my friend Jeremy, taking Level 1 (again). I figure it is good to start back at the beginning.
  22. Did they add the bump in turn 11? It gets me everytime.
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