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  1. The front 125/80x17 is the same dimensions as the 120/70x17 D211GP-A, the are identical in shape, width and height. For Putnam, which is very abrasive, use a med(5436) or med+ front and the med(5436) rear. If you are doing track days, stick with that compound. There is nothing to be gained at a track day by going softer. Softer will wear out quicker and not do what you need for a trackday. Steve, I'm going to get a set of slicks like you suggested above, but I got your email the other day and read about the new 7455 and 8477 compounds. For Putnam, which is abrasive like Mid-Ohio, should I be trying the new compounds or is the 5436 OK? i was looking at the dunlop site & noticed there are 2 med+ compounds (7455 & 8477) what is the difference, i would like to know as well, thanks in advance.
  2. i slid my front tire a couple of times on 2 different corners on separate sessions, all during corner entry, i traced it to the lack of rebound damping when the fork oil got hot & the front tire not getting up to temps as the hot psi is a bit low, running BT003 T3, it didn't spook me that much, in fact it made feel like one of the 500GP riders of old that used to brake & slide the front to prevent oversteering, his name escapes me though. anyway it was quite fun & i'm used to slides when i ride my scooter at a local go kart to practice & keep me in shape. fun times.
  3. not much from what i can remember, i always let my legs & lower torso take most of the weight leaving my arms free to steer the bars, my legs & stomach feel sore after a full day at the track. i put some weight on the inside peg & lock my outer legs on the side of the tank, i can't support all my weight with just 1 leg alone. do you think i'm overdoing my hang off?
  4. here are a few pics of our trackday last sunday, could anyon comment on my form? it's been 3months since i've doine a trackday. hanging on with the R1
  5. those are crayzee lean angles & on 2stroke 500cc's too, those riders have balls of steel.
  6. it should be done by mid next year if they put their backs into it, the paddock areas aren't even up yet but their cementing the area as we speak. we will be doing another trackday there this sunday, i'll try to take some pics of the track including the unfinished parts. yup there is still some 600-1000 racing here but it's kind of a joke since the rules are kind of blurry, 600's 750's 1000's & 1200's can only race in the "superbike class" & there are no restrictions to modifications, heck even a Desmosedici RR is racing in the superbike class here & some of the really rich racers buy former AMA SS spec R6's there & ship it here. the superbike class is on the decline & the grid is a joke thanks to the current rules, i am hoping that a 600cc superstock class emerges this season so the racers who have unlimited funding doesn't have the upper hand, i am also for having a control tire, maybe a street/track tire like the Michelin Power Pure, Dunlop Q2 or Bridgestone BT003RS bcoz not all of us could afford D211GP, Power Ones, BT003, Supercorsa DOT race tires. also no TC, quickshifters as well, let the rider skill determine the rider skills determine the winner, not just racers with deep pockets. if this happens i'll be the first one in line to participate in this class.
  7. hey man i hope you get well soon, must be freezing out there right now which aggravates your sickness more.
  8. NGK & Denso are the 2 biggest sparkplug manufacturers in the world, they are also the leaders in manufacturing premium sparkplugs for special (racing) applications.
  9. one of my favorite pics during our trackdays.
  10. thanks Cobie. it's our local tracks, there are only 2 tracks in our country where you can host a supersport race, Clark International Speedway inside former Clark AFB & Batangas Racing Circuit which is loacted 200kms way down south from where i am living. CIS is much closer to my place so i go there as frequently as i can, sometimes even once a week, trackdays are cheap here, $35 for motorcycles at CIS for the whole day, you can go out as frequently as you want, best day to use the tracks is on weekdays so you can have the track mostly to yourself. on weekends there are lots of guys using it including cars & go karts which eats into your share of track time. for now the short track is operational, it's 1.9kms long & it's quite a bit technical, just 5laps in race pace can sap a lot out of you, once the long track gets finished it'll have the longest straight which is 1km & you're exiting the final corner which is a sweeper at 100mph so yuo'll be flat out in 6th gear before you hit half of the straight. fun!
  11. thanks Bullet, i'm feeling at home already. if i can come up with the $$$ i would go straight there in Cali so i could meet the man himself.
  12. i might just do that, i'll probably borrow an AIM lap timer from my racer friend. i already know what lap times are needed to win in the class i am shooting for & the racers are all running BT003 or GP Racer DOT race tires & i'm already 3seconds off the average lap times of teh race winner on Pilot Power street tires. i'm waiting for a set of Dunlop Q2 coming from the USA, nobody's got them here yet & i'd like to be the first one to do so & see if i can get into the same lap times on Q2's as they did on DOT race rubber, i've heard lots of great things from the Q2's. i've taken Keith's article to heart & i want to master the "bands of traction" which is why i am still running street rubber for the last 4yrs, it's only now that i plan to upgrade to better rubber after i finally upgraded my fork internals & rear shock. i run Ohlins fork springs with the stock HMAS fork valves modified & reshimmed by me & a WP 4618 rear shock with the correct spring for my weight. i run in the advanced group where everybody is on DOT race or hypersport multi compound tire, i'm probably the only anomaly who runs street tires in that group, i've learned so much by practicing with street tires, i'm now getting at the point where i can slide the rear tire when i get on the gas hard & i'm having lots of fun doing it, i could also feel the front tire push every now & then. over here most riders don't even bother tweaking the suspension thinking it would cause them to crash so they slip on some DOT race rubber it will solve all their traction & suspension problems but then somebody blows past them on the outside riding on street rubber & that makes them surprised & more confused than ever. it's like the scene on the opening of the TOTW2 video where that CBR Repsol guy with the D211GP tires, he just couldn't tell/feel the difference between DOT race & street tires.
  13. i get my hiney in position before i start braking & downshifting, that way i don't upset the bike when i start turning it into the corner, this alone helped me shave my lap times. before i was braking with my body centered on the bike & i found it difficult to shift my body into position after i finished my braking & downshifting, it also made my bike unstable as i started to move into position as i enter the corner. apart from my 600RR i have a Yamaha Aerox 70cc scooter which is modified to the hilt & is my dedicated track bike, whenever i hit a wall on my riding or just want to experiment or try a new technique i break out my scooter from thearage & take it to the track. these little bikes may have small engines but once they gain momentum they can go as fast through the tight corners at the track i frequent to, maybe even faster, this is where i learned to maintain my corner speed through the turns which i applied to my 600RR. without a small bike to try & learn new things on i wouldn't progress this much as a rider. i know a few guys who are riding 600's & 1000's on the track who could learn quicker if they went down to a smaller bike, my brother did the right thing & bought an HRC RS125, on his 2nd trackday he made a big leap forward in his riding skills, i myself admitted on some corners i am much faster on his RS125 than on my 600RR. over here we have some entry level sportbikes sold on the market that would be a perfect track tool. Honda CBR150R Kawasaki KRR150 (2stroke) Yamaha YZF-R150 you guys have the Ninja 250R so i think that would be a nice learner bike for the track too, Kawasaki introduced it this year in the Philippines & it would be the perfect bike coming off a 125-150cc before you go 600-1000.
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