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  1. When I called the office in December I was told that it'll likely be April (like 2011), if at all.
  2. Cobie, Since we're talking about quick turning... isn't it somewhat incompatible with trail braking, which all racers do? Seems like if you're coming into a corner faster, you would need to brake harder and at the same time you also need to turn quicker, which would seem to increase the chances of tucking the front...? Also, when coming to the end of a straight and the rearward rider comes out of the draft to take the inside line for passing, isn't he essentially turning earlier? i.e. earlier turn-in point?
  3. any coaches care to chime in on why the pros have their outside knee pointed straight up in the air and don't grip the tank with their outside knee like we're usually taught?
  4. Is there a reason why his outside leg (left leg) is not gripping the tank (just sticking straight out)? I noticed similar BP in MotoGP and WSK. Also noticed that most of those bikes don't have tank grips (e.g. Techspec pads)...
  5. sorry for the multiple posts... I kept getting error messages when I tried to post yesterday
  6. Cobie, I will be at Thunderbolt next Monday and Tuesday. Do you think you could bring some foam for me to try on? thanks
  7. Cobie: thank you very much! I'm bringing my own bike, and I don't think I'll have any problems with the other requirements. Now I just gotta figure out how to mount the camera... Kai, how are you mounting yours?
  8. Would someone from CSS reply to this? I'm signed up for Levels 1+2 next month and would really like to know if it's possible to bring my own camera and film myself. Thanks
  9. I paid about $500. It's basically brand new w/o tags and this model comes with a back protector
  10. Thanks for the advice, everyone. Most of my riding is just casual but I do ride twisties every now and then (I plan to do more of it this year). I haven't done any track days yet, but I imagine that could change after the school in May. I'm open minded I found a pretty good deal on the local craigslist and bought an Alpinestars MX-1 suit. Apparently the seller gave up riding after a friend's tragic motorcycle accident and he actually never got to use the suit so it was basically brand new. Aside from the good price, it was the only suit out of the 5 that I've tried on at dealers that actually fit (or I could fit myself into) due to my massive legs. The only thing that I'm not sure about it is that it's in all black. Now the search continues to the boots and gloves. I'm thinking of getting a more casual pair for now to save money (rather than a full-blown racing pair since the only ones that would fit my tree trunk calves are the $$$$$$Sidis). What's the school requirement? And for gloves?
  11. I just bought a GoProHD. Hopefully will get it soon and let you guys know how it works. Prob won't be able to get any track footage until I goto the school in May though.
  12. That is great! I will be there on Saturday with a few friends who will also be attending the school at Thunderbolt with me in May! Looking forward to meeting you guys. ps, if you need any suggestions on restaurants or things to do, please let me know. JT
  13. I went to try on a bunch of suits yesterday, and none of them fit. I'm about 5'8" and currently 175 lbs (I'm usually between 170-175). I tried on the Size 42, and the upper body all felt fine, but I could barely squeeze my legs in, and on most suits, was not able to pull the knee sections up to my knees. Even if I did, the leg sections were still too long. I'm basically built like a running back with huge thighs and calves, but my upper body is just a normal athletic built... It was not only frustrating, I worked up a big sweat trying to fit into and out of the suits. Do you guys have any suggestions? The suits I tried on were: Alpinestars RC-1 Vanson Volante Speed and Strength I forgot what the 4th one was... but it was one of the cheaper/lesser known brands ps, does the school have anything that would fit someone like me in case I rent?
  14. I've been looking for a camcorder, too, and I've narrowed my choices down to 2: 1. GoPro HD 2. ContourHD They both have a ton of mounting options (supposedly the ones from ContourHD are slightly better). Apparently very similar video quality as well with slight edge going to the ContourHD. The GoProHD is completely water and shock proof and designed to take the abuse. At the moment I'm leaning more toward the GoProHD...
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