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  1. My list is very short.. 2008 Kawasaki Versys 650 - sold 2008 Aprilia Tuono R - Current
  2. Thanks. The bike really does look good in photos. Seeing it daily in the garage is less glamorous .
  3. From last trackday.. Need to relax the upper body a bit and work on bringing it more to inside. Otherwise, I'm quite satisfied with my progress. Thanks to CSS.
  4. Here's the vid link to my crash.. start at 3:50. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=vBRUdlICEeM Thanks to Gernot for recording it.
  5. Dubai Autodrome (national configuration).
  6. It's been time since the original post, but coming back now.. I did go through the crash in my mind for some time, but as time goes on mind starts to forget things.. I also saw a video about the crash, not very good one, but still enough to tell how it all went after all. Based on the video and and my memory, I analyzed the crash (issues that lead to it and what contributed to it, but as I'm not a pro I still doubt). This time all went fine, I was tiny little bit nervous in the beginning, but doing the basic drills from level 1 helped to relax. As it was quite hot, I ended up finishing sessions early to add rest time and to avoid getting tired. So, I did 3 sessions out of 4, thinking that I was already pushing the limits (of self control ), but now that I think of it I believe I was simply losing focus and getting carried away with the good feeling. Anyway, I had fun and I was able to overcome some of the stuff that I was worrying about. Now, I think I'll wait until the cooler weather comes back (October) until I'm going for the next session.
  7. I've just booked a trackday this friday. I had crash in January at the same track, different configuration though, so I won't be running through "the corner" this time. I did the CSS level two after the crash on a rental bike, but I'm still a bit nervous to go on the track. I notice that I keep on thinking quite many things like tyre pressures, suspension settings (which are now very different than the settings I had when I crashed), applying the school techniques etc etc. But the biggest thought is that "is this really a good idea?". I believe the crash is haunting me on this. Since I got my bike back and I've had one longer ride on it. What I noticed during the trip is that I'm facing the SRs that CSS is training to control. Thanks to CSS I can now identify some of them ( stiff on the bars, target fixation, on/off the gas ). I am going to the track for few reasons (well, I like to think so): - To get back on the saddle, so to say. Battle the ghost of past - safe environment to practice some of the CSS drills - get better feel of the new suspension settings Now that I've said my thoughts out loud, I cannot wait till friday
  8. Level I (as far as I can remember): throttle control rider input Turning point quick turn 2-step Level II: Reference points change lines vanishing points wide view pickup
  9. Like said above, there are some who want to have their own and there are some who like use the school bikes. Here's my experience.. I was in the Level 2 training couple weeks ago and due to crashing my own bike few weeks before the training, I had to rent a bike. I had big, big problems in the first and second track session. It felt like the bike was everywhere else except where I wanted it to be. It felt slippery and I was afraid to lean it over (needless to say, but I did not have any experience of that bike before jumping on it). I already started thinking that the day would be horrible until the end, but then I had a chat with my coach (Mathew?) and we decided that I would concentrate on the trottle control in the third session (going back to basics). Guess what. In the 3rd track session all fell into place and I was smiling and having fun again. Thanks to Andy & team for fantastic day (evening) in Yas Marina. (Pardon any mistakes in my writing..)
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