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  1. I had problems with right turns until an instructor picked up I wasn't keeping my eyes parallel to the ground. (A bad habit from riding with a bad right shoulder).
  2. What hotfooot said. The undersuits are the go, preferably one that wicks moisture. I don't like anything cotton.
  3. Ride along at a steady speed (not sure what speed on a 150) and change up through the gears from 2nd to top then back without changing speed.
  4. If that's your natural style have a look at Simon Crafar's Motovudu. He's all about engine braking.
  5. maybe they've read motovudu? not really plugginh his stuff but he does do it differently
  6. I don't lock onto the bike with both knees, just the outside one. I found on switching to a sportish bike from a sport tourer that I need to concentrate on getting my weight to the inside before the corner. The old push my chin through the corner stuff. Also do a bit of gymn to strengthen my abs and lower back. (and legs) just add, I noticed that the sport tourer had a narrower rear tyre and tip in was easier. sporty bikes have a wider rear and you need to go a bit harder to tip them in. in compensation you're on the gas more safely on exit
  7. The third book would be the soft science one... I think its Andy Ibbott's book.
  8. try a lower gear so you get more engine braking?
  9. A Canadian racer Mark Gardiner did it and wrote a book (Riding Man) and made a film (One Man's Island) about it. Well worth a read and a look. He'll sell them to you excerpt from the film
  10. Any chance of kilometres per hour for those of us that aren't in the USA? At first sight the speeds look mildly suicidal on some of my favourite roads but I'll have to check my speed next time I'm out. on second thoughts, it looks good apart from the off camber corners.
  11. maybe look at qualifying rather than the race. they take a different line when they just want to go fast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sajyluT2lbo&feature=relmfu
  12. ambition outweighed talent rear brake with that skidmark?
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