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  1. You have to start at level 1 no matter how much riding experience you have. Even top level riders start there. Trust me you will learn a lot in all the levels and they all run into the next.
  2. I just started wearing contacts haven't used them during a track day just street riding so far. What I notice is if I have the front vent on my helmet open it tends to dry my eyes out more. If I blink more I don't even notice them there. I also love wearing them don't miss my glasses at all.
  3. Go through the main gate and turn left. Follow that road around the villas and over the bridge. After you go over the bridge a css staff member will greet you and point you where to go.
  4. To my not so trained eye that doesn't look too bad. When i watch pros under heavy breaking all their back wheels do that but worse from being so light. But I am sure some one with more knowledge will be along shortly.
  5. Why would anyone want to ride like that on the street anyway? I like to ride hard but I don't trust other people or the road surface, I rather spend the money and go to the track and have the peace of mind. I like the guy on the scoot with the slip on shoes that go flying off.
  6. Tim, I was looking at the quick shifter for the pc3usb for a 04 gsxr 600 would i need the ignition module as well? Some places say yes some say no, is one way better than the other, or is it just plug and play? Thanks. Joe PS +1 for the power commander section
  7. I just ordered the Astars bionic race back and chest protectors will let you know what i think when they get here(should be this week).
  8. There is a few hotels around there. Depending on what you are comfortable staying in. There is a motel called the motorsports park inn, doesn't look that nice driving by but its a bed and shower about 10 min away. You could call the track and see if they have any VIP suites left. Its a little pricey but its right on the tracks front strait all you have to do is walk downstairs in the morning which is pretty nice. There are a few others I found on hotwire too that are pretty close. I have only stayed on the track in the vip suites so take what i say with a grain of salt. Oh you could also camp if you were up for it for four days. Its 10 dollars a day and there is showers at the track. Well thats all i can think of i hope it helps. Joe
  9. Been there 5 times this year camping was cheap no noticeable differences except they raised the price for the vip suites. Always a good turn out for trackdays when i have been there. As far as the one org completely pulling out from what i understand is no one was showing up to their NJMP dates. The two groups i ride with always have a good group even during the week. Two fun tracks i say go. Lol.
  10. I will be there the 2nd doing level 3. Yeah not too much around Millville there is a good strip of restaurants just outside the town and a super wawa. As far as hotel you could call the track and stay in the vip suites right in the paddock on the front strait which is a nice place to go and relax during the day when you get a second(can be a little pricey though). Any other questions just ask thats all i can think of right now(long trackday yesterday lol). Joe
  11. Its not a requirement to safety wire but I on the other hand like having my oil fill, drain and filter safety wired. I don't want to be that guy who dumps oil all over the track. Like i said its not a requirement but its easy to do and could save some track time.
  12. I just purchased the pit bull trailer restraint and love it. Really easy to install and really easy to load the bike. Don't know if it will work in a van though. Looked at the pictures second maybe i should have looked first. Wow thats a tight fit.
  13. If it is so efficient why does Rossi (as well as a few others) hang a foot of when entering a turn?
  14. No not local roads I meant highway, local roads I like to stay within 10 mph of the posted speed limits. I cant afford those hefty speeding tickets thats why I like going to the track lol.
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