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  1. Well I think i am pretty smooth and it don't scare me, in fact i quite like it gives me a bit of a buzz, its just that it seemed to me quite impossible the speed he came past me whilst I was full on the brakes. He might well have had top quality all singing all dancing brakes, how much difference they make, i don't know, but the impression I got was that I must surely be able to brake harder than I am. How can you find the limit without eating asphalt ?
  2. Hi All At my local track there is a 180 degree tight 1st gear bend. On approaching this bend from a long straight it is hard on the brakes to get the speed right down. When I have been HARD on the brakes to get my speed down, I have been passed by an instructor who it seemed to me was still on the gas. HOW could he do this, I know that he will be going round the bend faster than me, but it is a very tight 180 deg, so surely the difference in speed can not be so great. I have no idea how he could bring the speed down so quick. The only conclusion I can arrive at is that I can squeez
  3. Hi FLHX I would recommend you go for it for sure. I read the books and watched the DVD and they helped me for sure, but going to the School made me improve another notch again. I am now much faster than my friends, but that ain't really important, what is, is that I can now ride at the speeds my friend do, and I am soooo inside my comfort zone. It has made me so much smoother, i think the only times I touch the brakes on a ride out is when I want to come to a stop. Maybe over the years I'll recoup my school fees in not buying brake pads
  4. Book helped, DVD helped a bit more, school made me push it more than I would have myself. Still a long long way to go, its amazing when I'm going as fast as I can round a bend and the instructor in front turns round to look at you and points to give you advice as to where I should be on the track. How do they do that !!!!!!
  5. Cheers for the link, it certainly explains it better than I can Mick Doohan started at 9 Troy Bayliss was motocrossing and dirt track when he was 6 Biaggi is the latest starter I can find, started riding at 17 and racing at 18 Not much hope for me at 44 Ah well, thats wasted a few hours of worktime
  6. Yes, i can see that, but surely if it was 'natural talent' there would be some guys who get into bikes into their early twenties say, discover they have this 'natural talent' and take the world by storm. But it isn't like that, it always seems to be the guys who have grown up with it. As Casey Stoner said 'I was always poor on the brakes and spent a lot of hours in practice to improve, now i'm very confident on the brakes' So it wasn't his talent that made him improve but hard work, persistence and practice. We could probably go round in circles with this but still, it keeps the grey
  7. Hmmm But is there such a thing as 'natural talent'. Rossi started racing bikes at 5 !!! Spies at 5 Stoner at 4 !!!!!! Pedrosa at 4 Lorenzo at 3 !!!!!!! So is it a natural talent, or just a skill learnt by growing up with bikes and the right opportunity ? + hard work etc I'm at work with a lot of time on my hands, so just thinking of things
  8. Hi Are the top guys Moto GP/WSBK etc more talented than the rest of us, or is it just down to practice practice practice ? Was reading an article the other day about how they are testing the new 1000's for next year and the one rider (can't remember who it was) had just done over 350 laps of testing at the weekend. Jeez, I'll probably never do that many laps of a track in my lifetime. Its not fair. I know there is a book about that so calls dispels the myth of talent and says its all down to aptitude/attitude/hard work & heaps of practice. Any thoughts ??
  9. I suppose it has to make a difference if the guys are at equal ability. The manufacturers are always striving to loose weight on the bike, then a lardy arse like me (92kg)comes along and ruins all their hard work . But ability sure plays a much bigger part. On the track I have seen a VERY VERY large guy who dwarfed his Gixxer 1000, made it look like a toy bike, and he was way faster than me. Don't know how the guy did it. Loosing weight will help my cornering ability, but only for the fact that my leathers are too tight and they restrict me.
  10. 190.8. Not bad for 44. Watch out Stoner i'sa coming to get ya, NOT
  11. Cheers guys. Thanks for feedback, very much appreciated. Trouble is it will be sports/touring on front and sport on back which is probably not a good idea so I'll try and pick my suppliers brains when I get my new rear, he'll most likely talk me into a new one on the front as well, (i'm swinging that way now, if in doubt don't do it , is my normal moto, so don't see why i should change it for tyres) so expect to see a part worn front 23 on fleabay anytime soon. Thanks again chaps.
  12. Hi All Is it okay to mix tyres. Currently have BT023's on front & rear . I toured europe earlier this year hence the BT023's and have done 3 track days and will be changing the rear tyre soon. Is it okay to put BT016 on the back and still keep the 23's on the front as it still looks like it has plenty of life left in it. Or does it pay to change them both at same time? Thanks Colin
  13. Y4C4 I've have a set of these, UK based. Very well made http://www.sesraceproducts.com/
  14. Yep, am fully aware of it, just can't seem to program my head to get lower, when I am riding i am convinced i'm hanging off head/ shoulders/bum, the lot, but when i see the pics its like, that can't be me surely. They've taken pictures of the wrong bike.
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