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    Yes, Levels 1-4.
  1. I would have to say yes. A while back, I was taking a corner and dragging my knee, when I heard something more than just my plastic knee puck scrapping the asphalt. It sounded metallic. Suddenly, I felt my bike tip to the right a bit and the rear began to slide. It was weird; everything went into slow motion... I didn't panic. I simply threw my knee out a little more, felt the rear tire regain traction, and lifted the bike up and out of the turn. Afterwards, I surveyed my bike for damage, and noticed that my right rearset had contacted the pavement and had been grinded down a little. Fortunately, no other part of my bike contacted the asphalt! My incident wasn't as dynamic as Colin Edward's recovery, but it just goes to prove that the training received from California Superbike School really paid off as far as enabling me to respond rather than react to this occurrence.
  2. Hey, everyone! Just thought I'd pop in to say hello! A little about myself: I've been riding for three years, since 2007. I currently have an '07 Suzuki GSX-R 600 and an '09 Buell XB12Scg. I've attended all four levels of Keith Code's Superbike School and a class with Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School. I've adopted the name of "Bobblehead Biker" because I'm only 5' 1", and look like a little bobblehead with a helmet on! I'm looking forward to interacting with you all here, sharing experiences, and learning more about the art of cornering!
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