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  1. I've been reading about these Michelin Power Cup Tires, and I'm very interested in trying them out. They are DOT Race tires so I wouldn't use them on the street until they're no longer good for the track (my guess is 4 track days), then I'd finish them of on the street. For 70% Street / 30% Track I'd go with the Power Pures or Power One 2ct if you like Michelin.
  2. Thanks for the replies. It seems that the most common answer I've been getting is to use the rear brake. I never touch the rear brake on the track, but it makes sense.
  3. Hello, I did a track day yesterday at Infineon Raceway. I was going for a pass on the inside of a rider entering the carousel. (long sweeping left turn going downhill) The rider I was about to pass sharpened his line and moved right in front of me. To avoid his back wheel from touching my front wheel, I had to slow down to let him in. I lightly touched my front brake (while leaned over), which made my bike very unstable. I was able to let the bike settle and continue on. So my question, what is a better/safer way to scrub off speed while leaned over, without touching the front brake? I did
  4. Here are some Infineon Raceway and Laguna Seca Track Day providers: http://pacifictracktime.com http://keigwins.com/ http://z2trackdays.com
  5. Hello, I just started using Dunlop Sportmax Q2's. I love these tires. My last track day I used 30 / 28psi Cold. My rear tire is showing a lot of wear for just one track day. Maybe my rear pressure was a little low. Anyway, I just got some Chicken Hawk Racing Standard Tire Warmers, so the temperature is set to 175 deg. F. Could you give me a "Hot of the Warmers" pressure recommendation for these tires? Thanks, Luis.
  6. Thanks for the Reply Jason. This is exactly what I was looking for. Very helpful.
  7. Hi, I will be attending a few Superbike School days coming up at Infineon in Oct. and Nov. I currently use the TechSpec SS tank pads and they work very well for me as long as I use my everyday riding pants (leather). I recently bought a one-piece leather racing suit for the track, but it's extremely slippery. Maybe it's the type of leather, or the location of the stretch panels, but I'm constantly sliding into my tank now and I'm having to work a lot harder. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there some way to treat the leather to get it to grip better against the traction pads?
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