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  1. Hi, Thanks for those links interesting reading, i will read them again a few times over a cuppa to fully sink in Ta
  2. Hi Guys, I found this on the "interweb" and wondered what you thought? (we will forget about the knee down bit) but was allways under the impression that when cornering you should be low over the tank and parralell but to the side of the bike on the inside of the corner. Looking at these pictures the best method (and I define best as being the one where you can go quickest and safest, i.e most grip) looks like pic no 3. This has the least lean angle, so i would assume has the highest speed?? But the rider is quite high, allthough he is parralell and to the inside of the turn. I am not worried about looking good (pic 4) but would rather be the safest....allthough looking at pic 4 he seems low but not really hanging off paralell Just wondered what your thoughts were?
  3. Cool thanks for the feedback guys, has given me more confidence for Level II now (which i think is half the battle) Can't wait to the 17th !
  4. Hey Guys, Got level I done, learnt a lot and thoughorly enjoyed it. I already have level II booked for 17th May @ Silverstone. Whilst I learnt a lot, i was not happy with "my" performance... I thought i was hitting 60-70% sucess in the drills. With that i mean... 30% of the time, I got my entry speed too high and went wide, or didnt turn as quick as i should in the quick turn drills, etc I still have 3 weeks to practice on the road, but wondered if it was expected to have this up to 80-90% before starting level II ? Am i being too critical? I know these things take time, practice and effort, just wondered if I am being a bit slow? Thanks Paul PS On level I in the later drills we had breaks and gears, but I found it really helpfull to stick with the earlier drill rules and use only one gear / no breaks... (all though i did feel a bit slow down the straights), is that ok ?
  5. Hi mate, Really glad you enjoyed your day, it was great weather (which always helps of course), and the new Stowe circuit and facilities are dramatically improved to say the least. Your coach would be Trotter, Aka Jet, who's the Chief riding coach and a top bloke to boot. Mediteranean he is not though, he just has had a few holidays of late. I'll pass on your comments and remarks. Bullet LOL....it must have been the holidays, yes that must be it i had a pic with the last half of the name...duh. Thanks Bullet!
  6. Well, what a fantastic day it was!!! yup bit nervous but after 5 mins of the first track session, they went. Then got concentrating on the drills! Instructing was excellent, and i learnt a lot, the track sessions went way too quick! Wish i had more time to practise on track. Ill have to do it on the road (safely of course) Cant wait to come back on the 17th May for level II Cant remember the name of my coach, but he was fantastic, gave me good advice and feedback. Bald chap, mediterainian looking (looking at my photos says hatter??) on the back. If a coach can say thanks a lot from Paul on the 23rd as i didnt see him at the end.
  7. I was going to do the same, in the end booked my level 2 2 weeks later in May. Mine was due to me not thinking it through and booking level one on the 23rd april. By the time i got round to booking level 2 all the places had gone on the 22nd and 23rd duh !!!! Might be a bit tiring? especially if you have to travel a distance to silverstone. Paul
  8. LOL.... thanks for the replies guys, ill think of everyone naked and stalling! :) That will put me at ease! I'm only coming from Milton Keynes, so not far to come, get there nice and early and just enjoy myself, allthough a bit nervous I am really looking forward to it and cant wait to improve my riding. Ta all
  9. Hi All, Passed my test last May, and have been riding all last summer and for a month or so this year. I am attending the April 23rd day at Silverstone, but as the day aproaches am getting a bit nervous, which feels a bit silly as I 38 FFS! I will be using my own bike (a 2000 Fazer 600) I suppose this is normal? Concerns are; Will i go too slow? Will i pick it up / improve throughout the day? Will i look silly ? Will i do stupid things like stall ? LOL....honestly i feel like i am taking my driving test again PS also booked the Level 2 for 17th May at Silverstone!
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