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  1. It's about 1:45 from me, can't wait to check it out. I just sold my F4i, but I'm working on building a new track tool - I build more than I ride lately. I know ALL the good twisties in the Catskills! Lived here my whole life, been riding for 12.
  2. I've heard good things about SYED suits - anyone here have one? They'll do a full custom fitted suit for about $600-800.
  3. Thanks for the insight Cobie. The pic would have been perfect if my line were more in the center of my lane. I hit an early apex and had to roll off to widen up a bit.
  4. A few track pics... Losing my track viginity @ Pocono: Calabogie: EDIT: I have a tendency to get my lower body correct (as far as I know) on turn entry, then move my head out more "towards the mirror" as I get to the apex. I do my best to stay loose on the bars, rest my outer arm on the tank, support my weightat the tank and weight the pegs accordingly on entry/exit for traction. I pratice using maintenance or "static" throttle and I think I do well with it.
  5. Forgot to mention I've owned Twist OTW 1 & 2 books for a few years now, been through them a couple times and found some terminology to associate with things I was already doing, along with many new points I hadn't considered. Lee Parks' Sport Riding Techniques resides on the same shelf... are the DVDs basically the same as the books, or is there more to them? I'm willing to buy them as an interim to saving up for the school, if there's more info there. Thanks!
  6. I have a bit of video I will post later tonight too!
  7. Hi all, I'm new here, haven't even done any lurking yet. Just saw you guys had a forum and like the idea of shooting the breeze with other cornering junkies! There aren't very many sportbike riders in my area (Upstate NY), more cruisers than anything else. The really sad part is that not only are sportbikes scarce, but people that like to ride the way I do are are even more scarce... So, I usually end up out riding by myself. I do a lot of reading, and I'm very active on a VFR forum that is filled with people who mostly enjoy riding as I do - very into cornering and technical riding. I've been riding for about 12 years, I've done 2 track days - first one at Pocono east - wasn't very impressed with the track, but had a Blast(literally, it was a Buell track day, and I was on an F4i! lol). Second was a trek up north to Calabogie MP, now that is a nice track!! I get the most pleasure out of working on my "smooth", because we all know fast is a by product of being smooth, right? Anyhow, I look forward to reading more here and working more on my riding techniques, hopefully with lots of critics! I'll leave you with a parting shot that a friend snapped while on vacation a couple years ago - I loaded up my VFR and went down south to the TN/NC area(love it there!). This pic was taken on Rt. 421 in Shady Valley. It doesn't look like I'm hanging off much, but I am off a bit and more importantly keeping my back inline with the bike. The weight I had in my saddlebags forced me to change my technique a little, but not too much. The sparks are from the peg feeler and my toe sliders on my boots(sz 13/48, hard to tuck in...)
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