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  1. my standard hp sv650 got all the power I need
  2. Yeah, but I'm only as fast as the guy in front of me. I need to learn how to pass better. I'm okay on an open lap in qualifying but racing is more difficult.
  3. I'm bike 62 - it was pretty much this close lap after lap, race after race. All 650 twins (sv engines)
  4. Sorry for the delay, I've been away. First I presume you got it was just a little tease. Your SV looks very naked to me as I'm not used to seeing them without one. A belly pan, case covers, frame protection and nuts amounts of safty wire are required by most racing org's I'm aware of here. I'm a little shocked you don't have a pan requirement. Here if you don't have one, you're not racing. Which makes complete sense as one bike tossing it's oil load onto the track can pretty much screw up an entire race day schedule. Interesting... Yes! Little tease! However, you're right –
  5. MrSlow, on 12 October 2011 - 04:29 AM, said: Here's my little sv. I do believe you be needing a bellypan! The sv didn't have one from factory so in Australia we are allowed to race without them. Only if the bike came with a fairing do you have to run a belly pan. Strange rule I know. But then in US you don't need case covers on the SV but here we do.
  6. Thanks I will try to practice this technique. I think I let clutch go to early and tried to control with throttle – beginners mistake (rookie error)!
  7. I held rpm at 5000. Let clutch go, would wheelie I would hold throttle. Everyone left me for dust. Every race! I never practiced them before.
  8. Not really a cornering question... but didn't know where to put it. Over the weekend I did some decent lap times in qualifying but come race day and went backwards off the line. Any tips? The bike is an sv650 so really it should get off the line easily.
  9. Yep, the front end parts all came from America - second hand. Had a local guy fit it all up here in South Australia. Hopefully will test out this weekend. However, as bad as the standard front end was – in the intermediate groups I could still hold more corner speed than guys on 600/1000 inline fours. I think the lack of brakes and soft suspension actually forced me to be a smoother rider.
  10. The bike now has GSXR front end with radial mount brakes. Will test out on track hopefully next weekend.
  11. With the standard SV650 brakes I'll be every finger I've got to pull her up coming into a hairpin especially! haha Funny how many flashier bike the standard sv will out brake though
  12. When I fitted the gold valve emulators I had to add dampening holes into the dampening rods. Front sag, measuring by lifting front as up as much as I can without tyre off the ground and then me sitting on the bike in riding position is about 29mm. The rear measures about 15-20mm I think. I added a spacer to the front last track day which would get the front closer to 25mm I think. I have a Maxton shock with ohlins 628 spring on rear. Overall the bike is much harder than a standard sv but still feels soft compared to my standard road bike Ducati which was set up to my weight (75kg) by a
  13. Thanks for your replies. I am actually located in South Australia... which is why the grass in the photo is dead. It has rained this year and now the corner is slightly greener I will use the heavier weight fork oil and see how that goes. It will be the last mod I do to the standard front end as I make way for a GSXR front end conversion. There's no external adjustment on the gen 1 sv and no brakes either! haha But surprisingly enough to out brake a few 600 and litre bike though.
  14. Hi Chief, Just a few of your thoughts to some things I'm doing with my bike (SV650s 2000 gen 1 track bike) would be appreciated. 1. Currently I have .85 springs with GVE and 15 wht fork oil. Problem: Front end comes up too quickly (I think this is called rebound). I think heavier and more fork oil could solve this issue? 2. I am using 15/40 Dello 400 (without any additives) oil because it has similar characteristics to many motorcycle oils at half the price. I change it for fresh stuff with a filter every second or third track day. Problem: No problem at all, bikes feels great, oil
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