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  1. So.... thank you all for your input... I take then that we are no closer now to Twist 4 than we were 4 years ago when it was mooted. Cobie, maybe you can remind the man about this 'promise'
  2. I recall meeting Mr Code (both of them actually) on one of their visits to Australia. At a Ducati Owners Cub of Vic meeting he mentioned Twist of the Wrist IV was on the way. I know all great books take time, and I'd far prefer the Twist series to War & Peace, but I have to ask... Is it still coming? I for one look forward to it and in its absense I love the articles on this site. Still though, Keith Code's words are worth a thousand pictures. Steve Frew Phillip Island
  3. Thanks for the welcome... I hope to join in a few strings here when life settles. As for the DVD, I have seen it and after doing about 10 schools I really don't get much from it. The books I find facinating, as I can have a 'bad day' at the track and come home, scour the books and often find the problem. I never though that you could learn riding from a book! I have done this with much success and often go out a day two later and sudenly get it all together. And Gorecki... can't have too many Ducatis, I say... Steve
  4. How is it I just found this forum? I have done school upon school upon school and dragged many Ducati owners along to do the same. I have a question though. I met Keith Code about 3 years back when he was in Oz. I was led to understand that there was a 'Twist of the Wrist 4' coming 'soon'. Waiting, waiting... as well as looking forward to warmer weather and track days...
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