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  1. May he rest in peace! ...and i know he will...
  2. Here is what Keith Code wrote in his book: "... Clamp onto the bike, just tight enough, with your outside leg or boot pressed to the bodywork, or in some cases, use the tank by pressing your knee against the side or your arm across the top of the tank, or do all of the above."...
  3. Hi Crash106, I saw ICON Field Armor at a local shop yesterday. I was not impressed AT ALL. its looks great but that's all about it. it's not even CE Level 2 approved. if you add some 20-50 bucks, you can get a CE Level 2 back protector.
  4. Hey Jason, thanks for clarifying it for us. I decided to go with a strap on type back protector. It seems Forcefield T-pro Sub4 back protector absorbs the impact best. The tests show that it transmits 3.38kn energy. No other back protectors have attained this level of protection yet. They're waiting for me to bring my new back and chest protectors so they can take new measurements. The back protector I m about to order is kinda thick. If they soon come up with a thinner version and more protection, I either will have to keep the current one, or have them the suit readjusted. T-Pro Body A
  5. I'm about to order a custom racing suit from Vanson Leathers. What type of back protector should I order - a strap-on or an insert type back protector? which is better safety-wise? This is what I currently use: 430b966b8fc12c0785b7e81a92410fed_rough.jpg It has no tail-bone protection T-pro have a strap-on version: image.php The price difference is $25 only... Thanks. amid
  6. Well done Amid!!! You're braking harder now! Want to know why? Just as Rocketpunch stated in the 2nd post, Think about prior to the stompgrip when you were braking - since you had no grip onto the tank would it be fair to say a lot of the braking weight of your upper body went through your arms into the bike? Now with the grip you have on the tank using the stompgrip - the weight is being transferred into the tank... way closer to the bikes centre of mass. Noticed yet with this new technique how your front suspension is not as loaded under braking... giving it free range to soak up bumps a
  7. Did you try to do this like Cobie?: The "accelerate" part is very important but not so easy during speedy downhill riding... -UFI- i got it. i was not accelerating since was going downhill. will try again )
  8. Yesterday I tried clutchless upshift while riding downhill and it didn't work. did i do something wrong?
  9. whether we push on the handlebars or not, the bike will still countersteer, however the result will not be that effective. we can steer a bicycle without any inputs to the handlebar as well. pushing and pulling makes it precise, easy and smooth. Solely relying on body steering and trying hard not to countersteer caused me to run wide and crash on the track.
  10. I'm grateful to you guys for very helpful information you provide here. Well, I installed StompGrip on my bike and felt the difference RIGHT AWAY. somehow strange feeling have developed -- the bike feels kinda lighter now. not sure if it's good or not, but it gives me more confidence. after a couple of minutes of riding i found out that my front brake lever can be squeezed to a point where it stops (before i was thinking it could touch my fingers if squeezed more). Guess what, i intentionally did a stoppie. Can anyone tell me what else should I install on my bike so I can learn to pop wheelie
  11. I never tried clutchless downshifting. Used to upshift without using a clutch, but then i heard it'd eventually damage the gearbox if done a low rpm. is it true ?
  12. I have a CBR1000RR with a BAZZAZ sytem (fuel mapping, traction control and quick shifter). I love the quick shifter. It is supposed to be used only for upshifting, you have to use the clutch for downshifting unless you want to time the downshifting with the RPM. Also the shifter works better with high RPM. I do not know about the BMW, but I figure it is the same. I will find out in August went I take my fisrt class and I get to ride the BMW. My two cents. Actually, my 2009 zx6r has no shift assist or quick shifter, nevertheless I can upshift with no clutch. So what will the quick sh
  13. Can we do clutchless downshifting with Shift Assist? As far as I know, racers don't use clutch when upshifting at high rpms.
  14. Amid, Call or e-mail the office asap, those days might be full or near full already. 800-530-3350, or registration@superbikeschool.com CF Thanks Cobie, I've just emailed the office. I hope they are not full yet...!
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