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  1. I can't remember where it was from or the exact wording (but it's definitely one from Keith ): 'Laps are like sheets of toilet paper, when you only have a few left, you have to make the most of them.'
  2. I just downloaded it on iBooks, perfect for travelling to flyaway Schools!
  3. Whenever we do a flyaway School, we end up riding someone else's bikes. Priority for all of us is to pack Stomp Grips for the Coach Bikes in our luggage. Two, maybe three, days on track all day is exhausting enough but the Stomps help no end. Given the choice, I wouldn't ride without them!
  4. Thanks for the feedback! We've all agreed we need to do this again, maybe before the season kicks off next year, will keep you posted. :-) Charlie Oakman from Fast Bikes came along in the morning and wrote this: http://m.fastbikesmag.com/2012/09/21/california-superbike-school-training-the-trainers/
  5. Hi Amit, welcome. You made the right decision to come to CSS, we will help you! We won't be bringing the Lean or Brake bikes with us but I assure you that you will have plenty to do and even more to think about on the School day. If you don't want to ride your own bike, have a word with Dave at dave@track-daze.co.za as he organises the event out there for us and I'm sure he'll point you in the right direction of a track bike hire company but frankly, if you're prepared to ride your bike on the streets of South Africa, riding it on a track will be easy!
  6. Looking forward to seeing you there!
  7. Hi Kwak, You'll have a good time with us at Silverstone I'm sure! Which date are you doing? Feel free to ask if you have any questions about the day, we want you to get the most out of it you can. All the best, Spidey (Deputy Chief Riding Coach, UK Branch)
  8. "they told me i need to enter the corner faster" OK, good, at least that identifies an are for improvement although more useful would be for them to give you an idea of how to achieve that? Lets take just one corner: How about if you could set your speed more accurately on the approach to that corner? How about if you knew every time, lap after lap, exactly where that corner started? How about if you could get your bike on line for that corner quicker than you do now? How about if you knew that when you were in that corner that the bike underneath you would have the suspension working as good as its current set-up allows? How about if you knew that when you were in that corner that your tyres were going to have as much traction as they are capable of in the conditions around you? How about if you knew that when you were in that corner that your bike was going to be stable and predictable? How about if you knew that every time, lap after lap, you would be able to hit the same apex and have a consistent line on the exit? If you think that improving any one of those things would give you the confidence to allow you to enter the corner faster than you do now then come and do Level One because it will help you with all of them
  9. Hi Buckie, Just out of interest, what level are you racing at and what happened at your first race to make you realise you needed some more skills?! Share your experiences! As for your enquiry, first, we are not a race school. We don't teach things like race starts, block passing, draughting etc. things you could reasonably expect from a 'race' school. What we are is a Cornering School so if you want to corner better, including getting the correct corner entry speed, we really can help! BUT be aware that this is not a sticking-plaster quick fix and there is no magic fairy dust that we sprinkle on you to achieve this. Cutting corners (if you'll excuse the pun?!) is no substitute to you working hard on the day to absolutely and fully understand the techniques we teach as this is the only way you will be able to fully apply those techniques. 1) so yes, you'll start at Level 1 2) If you bike passes UK race scrutineering, it'll be fine at Silverstone 3) No one is allowed to stay within Silverstone overnight at the Schools. There is a huge carpark on the entrance that is ok for overnight parking though. 4) There is power in the Garages when we use the Stowe Circuit, also when we use the National Circuit and the next time we use the International Circuit we'll be working out of the F1 garages beneath the Wing Building so there is power there as well. Some times we use a building on the Stowe apron for the International Circuit and there are no garages or power outside there. Double check when you book. Remember that this is a School and it is a busy, tight scheduled day. If you are running tyre warmers / wets etc, please bring someone along to be in charge of this for you. You will have enough to do with classroom seminars, off track drills, Coach debriefs etc! 5) Send your contact details to Lynn in the office at lynnb@superbikeschool.co.uk and she'll send you a pack with all you need to know about a School day. Hope that helps! Spidey
  10. Dae, feel free to drop me an email to spidey@superbikeschool.co.uk and we'll certainly see how we can accomodate you for a possible Level 2. I was, unfortunately, given very limited information about your condition before the School and was told you'd fill us in on the morning of the School which made me assume that there was nothing insurmountable about your condition. However, our aim is to give everyone the best experience possible at the School so if we can make a thorough plan for your Level 2, we can approach it fully armed ;-) All the best, Spidey
  11. Couple of options for you: Scott Leathers are made in the UK, they do have a made-to-measure service but they can also 'tweak' any of their own, off-the-peg suits to get a better fit. I've dealt with them in the past and found them very helpful. Here's a link: http://www.scottleathers.co.uk/default.asp Another option is to find something you like that fits you in length, then have it altered by a company like The Leather Workshop http://www.leather-workshop.co.uk/ . These people were recommended to me by the fantastic people at Scrubbers Leathers http://www.scrubbersleathers.co.uk/ who did a fantastic job of cleaning all the UK Coach and Hire leathers this year, not only making them look almost like new, but also made them soft and supple again, can't recomment them highly enough! Let us know how you get on, Spidey
  12. Here's the latest from Donna: Andy has made remarkable progress over the 10 months following a massive stroke and has returned to work at the UK operation's Silverstone HQ. Andy's recovery to this date has been made possible by many factors including his own dogged determination and help from Neuro Phsyio's Jon Graham and Kirsten Good from PhysioFunction. "Andy is one of those most committed clients that I have had the pleasure of working with. His progress to date has been outstanding" said Jon. "He has set the ultimate challenge for himself and his therapists: to complete the Marathon Des Sables. I am worried he is going to pull this off as I promised that I will join him in his endeavour." Becky Blagdon his Speech therapist has also played a significant role in his recovery to date. Andy set himself many goals in place along his road to recovery and one of those was to get back to driving - that goal was achieved last week when he passed his assessment to drive a car again, with adaptations. His colleagues are confident that once driving his attention will turn to getting back out on track on a bike. Andy plans to be at many of the UK school dates this year supporting the CSS team and chatting with students; "I can't wait to get back" said Ibbott "All the team and students have been so supportive, I can't quite believe the number of messages on the guestbook, cards and well wishes I received."
  13. We've actually got a selection of Japanese 600s :-) Students bikes vary from Indian-made 125s to R1s, 'Blades and S1000s. India is a fast developing country. The Mahindra 125 GP bike made people realise that they are going to be a force to be reckoned with at the end of last year and I'm sure the team would love their own rider on it at the front too.
  14. When I told Pete that we had Enfields to ride the reply I got was "Never heard of them. Do they have traction control?"
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