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  1. Hello Just wondering why there hasn`t been any CSS schools come through hear in CANADA ? I` m sure there is a great demand for it...Up here in Ontario we have "Turn 2 " and "F.A.S.T" . It would be nice if you guys would consider a tour and use the facillities and track at Calabogie. Best B
  2. I take vitamin B12 methylcobalamin 1 hr before bed .Mood and sleep moderator. http://sleeptips4u.b...itamin-b12.html Also i take food enzymes with every meal( our body naturally makes less enzymes as we age) so the starches,fats and proteins are being broken down propererly and my stomach doesn`t get in the way of my performance on the bike if food issues may arrise. i.e bloating,acid reflux, etc..
  3. I converted to vegatarianism about 15 years ago; i also quit drinking alcohol (since it is dehydrating) around that time.....My weight dropped instantly; I have gone down from 160lbs to 150lbs. The change in diet has given me more energy and and i don`t feel sluggish .My concentration has also amplified and i have way more strength when riding my bike . Brain fog is also not a big issue as it used to be.. I workout in the gym 2 hours a day starting with a 3-5 mile jog on the treadmill then weights after.I try to fininsh every excercise with CORE excercises targeting weak ab and back muscles (especially as we age). I highly recommend everyone try the CORE excercises if you have not already. It will have definate payoffs in the way you move with the bike.Conversley,. if you are over weight and a bit slobby ( even with the best technical skills),. your fat is fighting the choreography needed to make smooth transitions...
  4. can someone take a picture of their hand on their bike throttle exemplfying this?
  5. Outer leg is always pivot steering and outer arm is loose and relaxed , laying on the tank i presume... ? Do you find opening out the inside leg to point , helps also in every turn? Thanks and sorry for all the questions ... B
  6. Thanks again Jasonzilla Now i understand much better the concept. I was also thinking of Lorenzo because i thought he was tucking his inside elbow in.You know ,.. if the Moto GP "champ" does it ,.. maybe i should try it? Great explanation .. Best B
  7. Riders choice. The key is to have it relaxed after your steering input. That's what conserves the most energy and allows the bike to do its thing. Most riders you'll see have their arms outside of their knee. What happened to me is that I found, when something caused a "panic" in me, that I'd tuck my elbow inside my knee to make my steering input to correct whatever problem I'd encountered. I've since changed it so my elbow is inside of my knee. Thank you so much for that advice Jasonzilla... When you say "inside the knee",.. does the inside elbow sort of drop down ? Is your inside knee fanned open out in the direction of the turn? Thanks again for any advice... B
  8. Hello Everyone A bit confused on the "inside" arm position. I know it steers but i am also wondering what is the positon of that arm? Should the elbow of the inside arm be tucked in and down which i would think would conserve energy or does it stick out more horizontal? Thank you for all your suggestions B
  9. Hi Bowells, Sorry, I didn't officially welcome you, so welcome . No schools up there (covered this in the other post), but maybe we could entice you down here. If you like, call the office any time (pretty sure the 800 works from Canada), we actually like to answer the phones and talk to people, I know, how weird is that? Best, CF Thank you i will call the school
  10. Jude; The School has not done a Canadian Session that I am aware of but Cobie can chime in and correct me if I am wrong on that point. The closest School that you could "get to" by car/truck from Mississauga would probably be at New Jersey Motorsports Complex in Millville, NJ (about 80K south of Philadelphia). If I remember, you're about even distance between Toronto and Buffalo so it will be a long drive but then almost every good track is a long drive for most of us. If you are going to fly to a School then the world is your oyster. VIR, and Barber are the other two in the eastern half of North America but again if you're flying, then you have Miller in Utah, Las Vegas in, well Las Vegas, The Streets of Willow Springs, Sears Point (my personal favorite) or Laguna. Rainman Thank you so much Rain man 4 this info...
  11. Hi my name is Jude (bowells),..I live in Ontario, Canada but want to attend the California Bike school.Do you guys ever do a Canadian session up here somewhere? If not do you endorse any school up in Canada which teach your methods or do i have no choice bot to come on down to Cali...? Thanks so much ,.. i only have your books and videos to aid me and this forum,. I want the in person experience no doubt..
  12. Hello ,. i live in Ontario , Canada and wanted to know if there is any school affiliated with Keith Code and if not perhaps a school recommended / endorsed by Keith Code up here ? Thanks so much.
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