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  1. This is a few weeks ago at Summit Point in West Virginia. I completed 4 lvls of California Superbike school last year and my progress has been astonishing. My lap times improve each time I ride. I look forward to the next time I can make it out to school. Thanks to the entire staff!!! Outstanding.
  2. You aren't pushing me in the wrong direction and I appreciate your feedback. You nailed my feelings coming out of turn 10 to the straight. I feel like I'm shot out of a cannon coming out of there. My entry speed in 1 IS a problem and perhaps I can work on a better breaking point and entry speed to remedy that. Thanks for the observation. In some parts of the track if you swing out too wide you get stuffed. I take a more defensive line going into turn 3 and 5 but a wider line would allow me to enter the turn a bit quicker. As for the modes....I don't have an ego problem with the modes. I got to the point where I felt like the bike was not driving when I rolled on the throttle. Maybe due to the lean angle sensor. I may try reverting and see what it feels like. I'm going back out on Monday so I'll let ya know. Again...Thanks for the feedback
  3. Answers to questions: 1. I typically upshift at aroung11500 to 12000rpm 2. I do have a quick shifter and I do not let of the throttle at any time while shifting 3. I have a full arrow titanium exhaust 4. I run the bike in race mode. 5. I do not always open the bike to the stop. between turns 9-10, 10 to 1 and 3-4 sometimes. The rest I'm fairly certain I don't. What else would you think is inhibiting power delivery. I honestly don't think it's the bike...I think it's the rider and the space between his ears
  4. To answer your questions: I feel that the limiting factor is lack of knowledge of the limitations of how quickly you can apply throttle. I hold tight lines and hit my markers on entry and exit. I do tend not to use all of the track on exit. I don't think I hesitate to roll on...I think that once I do I am not sure how quickly I can roll it. ( not sure if that makes sense) The bike as plenty of GO...I think I just need to get it going. I am not getting any slides from the rear end.but I am seeing some tearing in the tire from accelerating hard as the bike comes up. Just FYI. I'm on an S1000RR with full race trim, Ohlins suspension, I'm not sure what would happen. Could be one of many things....I could lose the rear end if I push it too fast. I could push myself wide on exit or I could get the desired result and get a stronger drive. Here is a link to a video from a session a few weeks back. Perhaps you can here or see what I'm doing wrong. I am the one filming
  5. My lap times at Summit for instance are improving slightly. 1:24 -1:23s consistantly. I know my accelleration or lack there of is what is keeping me from 1:20. I am fairly smooth and often don't feel like Im going fast. Even though I keep pace with most people in my group. I think gradually increasing the amount of throttle in successive laps should answer my question. I'm not overly concerned with lap times. I just feel that this is one of the things I need to work on to improve. Along with eliminating coasting before turns....but that's a whole other topic
  6. All practice on the track. Summit Point Main, VIR and NJMP.
  7. I'm a LVL 4 grad and have spent this summer working on what I learned last year. I feel good about my lines, turn in, visual skills but I feel like I'm hesitant on the throttle. I finish my breaking and turn in. Once the bike is turned I apply the throttle but I feel like maybe I'm not giving it enough. I originally thought it was the gearing so I went down one in the front which gave me better acceleration but it still feels like I should get more drive coming out. I think it's user error but I was wondering if there is a way (other than crashing) that I can improve in this area. What I don't understand is how much is too much. How fast you can apply the throttle as you bring the bike up. I know that's kinda vague...but it's all I got Thanks
  8. The fundamentals of Level 1 and 2 can be learned on any machine. Throttle control principles are the same on any bike...that can't change. Different bikes offer more suspension adjustment and slightly better equipment but your bike is not a problem. I've seen people on all kinds of bikes go thru the school. That being said you should keep this in mind. On two days of riding on the track you will have to do the following: Maintain your machine Transport it to the track Keep it safe over night Have good tires. You pay 475 I think if you BYOB and 650 if you rent theirs. A set of tires alone are over 225 bux...so renting makes alot of sense. It eliminates all of the tasks above . Just something to think about. Plus the BMW is a kick ass machine. I have one . I used theirs for the first 3 levels and mine for level 4. Good luck and have fun on track. Brett
  9. My main thing is body position. I need to incorporate the hook turn more. When I do it , I just don't seem to get down enough. Definitely a work in progress. I also still need to work on reference points. The more I find the smoother I run.
  10. This is a photo from yesterday. Quality sucks cause it's a picture of a picture
  11. I just finished level two and three yesterday. I think the last drill on level 3 will help you for sure to get out of that lost feeling when you charge in and get slowed down. Pace comes with practice not with trying to chase down people you just cant catch. Also taking advantage of areas on the track where you are faster than others or simply sacrificing time entering a corner in order to get more drive and ultimately more speed coming out. I was very concerned about my pace to. After level two I drastically improved my pace. Then with the addition of the tools you pick up in level 3, I found myself getting around the track considerably faster than I ever thought I could. I would be interested in knowing your impression of your pace once you've finished level 3.
  12. Here is a photo of my at a track day a few weeks ago. I took level one and am scheduled for 2 and three in a couple of weeks. I have a long way to go but have made alot of progress using the techniques I picked up at the school.
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