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  1. Hi all, Just got back from a great Level 3 + 4 up at Hampton Downs NZ and I really noticed how much my legs had taken a pounding over the weekend. Admittedly, the school days do have much more tracktime than an average race weekend, but I think always improving fitness will always benefit you on the bike. I spoke to one of the instructors about when you can do to get more "bike fit" and he said "more time on the bike!" While this is obvious, for those of us who only own a racebike and do around one meeting a month, there just aren't that many opportunities to ride the bike! What I can
  2. 7.) Need to change the front sprocket, so get someone to stand on the rear brake to undo the nut
  3. Plus it puts the ol' crown jewels into a more compromising position!
  4. Hi Darren, That would be great! Really looking forward to the school - see you in September! As for my initial post - I had a bit of an up and down weekend! Test day was dry. I had had some suspension work done (which may also have helped), but I was running times quicker than before and did not feel like I was going to run wide like before. So success! I looked and reviewed my TP's but in the end, only pushed one of them deeper into the corner. I could still work on a quicker turn-in, but one thing I found the biggest gains were just loosening up on the inside bar on corners with heav
  5. Yeah - definitely pop down and say hello. I'll be pitting in on of the older garages on the right as you enter the paddock. Should be a good meeting, though it would be a nice change get a 100% dry day! Not really expecting much from the weekend - I have done all of 5 laps around the long circuit and can just about remember which way it goes! Qualifying should be fun. Thanks Luke
  6. Women riders can be competitive! There have been a couple this year in WSS. Reason you don't see a lot of women in racing is purely down to the number of women riding bikes in the first place. If you look at the ratio of male to female riders in the world, then I would say it is largely male dominated. I hate to guess, but for arguments sake let's say 90% male, 10% female. Of the entire motorcycle population, how many club race? Maybe 5% if that? Of that number, what % race nationally? Maybe 10% And of the national racers what % make it to world level? 5% again - probably less!? So given t
  7. Hey Bullet Thanks for all your help. Also, you must have done something right as it made me want to come back for levels 2,3 and 4! Round 4 is in a weeks time so I'll make a plan and let you know how it goes. If it doesn't look like anything to be ashamed of then I'll post a vid or 2 here so you can have a look. Some sunshine would be good though. I don't mind racing in the wet either. What I hate is when it rains, then starts drying, then starts raining again (which has been the case for my last 2 meetings) Thanks Luke
  8. You know, I actually think you were my level1 instructor back in the UK! Ok, few observations.... At the corner exit you are no way as wide as a lot of the other riders. In fact, you have better drive and catch them on the corner exit. You seem to be turning later and quicker which is squaring off the corner helping that drive. Most important bit has to be corner exit speed and drive off the corner (especially at my home track where 3 corners lead onto straights) Luke Oh - Are you sure that is the UK? There is a big bright round thing in the sky which comes into frame every
  9. Ok, I have been giving this a lot of thought today and this is my thought process. If I want to increase my corner speed into and mid turn then I can't just go faster, while keeping all other parts of the corner the same. Here are some ideas - I will need to turn the bike quicker, as turning it at the same rate before will not allow me to stay on line. - I might have to set a steeper lean angle with the initial steering action to maintain the line with the increase in speed. - I "think" I am spending too much attention on riders in front and, losing focus of my RP's so start to turn
  10. Hi guys, Thanks for your replies! What I mean by charging the turns is: I'm increasing my corner entry speed, whilst retaining the same brake point and turn-point. This increase in speed delays the point at which I get on the gas (compared to previous slower corner entry) because if I do at the same point, it sends me wide on the exit. I can feel myself hesitant on the throttle and I want to roll on, but if I try, I end up wide. Note, this is most noticable in the 3 medium/fast turns on the track (we race at the same track most rounds) I have turn points and brake markers for all
  11. Hi all, First post here so a small bit of background - Currently racing 600s at club level in New Zealand since last year having been doing trackdays in UK and Aus for the past 4 years. I have completed levels 1+2 at the school and have 3+4 booked at the new NZ school in a few months time. In my racing, I have recently jumped up from the novice class to the main supersport class. My laptimes have remained pretty much the same, only now I have gone from the front of the field to the back! This is a great learning curve but I have found that running in the faster class, I find myself startin
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