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  1. Hi All I have been racing a 600 (R6) for the past 2 years, now I am moving up to a 1000 (new ZX10). Question is what techniques should i work on to convert from one bike to the other. At the moment i am riding the zx10 like a 600, so carrying quite a bit of corner speed, so increased lean angle. The down side to this is that I am waiting to be able to increase throttle until i have the bike stood up more, so therefore sacrificing exit speed. When i try to increase throttle as you'd imagine with increased lean angle the rear is sliding more than it should due to being on the edge of the tyre. Any more handy tips or things to work on to speed up the conversion? (should add i've done up to lvl3, but was a while ago!) Thanks Colin
  2. some one might be able to help me out here... but I would imagine there is a fine line between not looking ahead and then looking ahead to soon? if i look ahead too soon when entering the corner (i.e. before turn point) then i'm more likely to turn early, therefore apex early and exit wider. I guess if I don't look ahead soon enough, then i've just made the track smaller and would be reacting to slowly to the next actions that are required. maybe on the exits I am focusing to much on the outside of the track and what I should be doing if focusing on the middle of the track. examples of current corner exit RPs: Turn 3 lights on left handside of track Turn 7 bottom of the bridge support Turn 12 concrete patch (then move to corner of stand)
  3. trying to remember, maybe pivot steering. Was that level 3? might need to refreshen my memory!
  4. think its a couple of things that have caused the issue: 1. Fork setup 2. Turning to early 3. Not turning fast enough I am trying to go faster but with the same turn points and speed of turning.. this is what i think is causing the issue. On friday I tried turning at a later point and steering faster and definitely made an improvement.
  5. Man... I am exactly the same, hence my other thread! if you crack it let me know
  6. haha..... just been reading the other post 'raising the pace' and that's exactly whats happening to me! I am trying to go faster and running wide on corner exit.. so i guess i need to re-evaluate my turn points, the amount of steering input to see if i can turn later and use more steering input, thus hooking the turn, and therefore being able to get better drive out and not run wide. would that be a good summary!?
  7. Hey Jas, yep its me alright! done level 3 as well. 1. don't think i'm excessively picking the bike up early but am making a mental note to get the bike onto the fat part of the tyre as early as possible. Maybe I should try picking it up at a slightly later point. 2. might try exagerating the hook turn to see if that makes any affect 3. rear brake solution was just clutching at straws Are you as relaxed on the bars as you feel you should be? - maybe not as relaxed as i could be Is there potential to get on the gas a little sooner, so the roll-on is more progressive throughout the turn? - cracking the throttle pretty early these days in the turn, maybe i can try to be a little more progressive rather than small amounts of gas... then lots! Have a GSXR and there is a spacer fitted, would have to check the size. But would be good to know the size of spacer they used Thanks C
  8. Hi All I am having some issues when exiting med->fast speed corners when applying the gas harder, I basically run out of track on the exit, so am having to apply the throttle more gently (thus getting left behind on corner exit!)... I am working on getting the suspension to be able to help, but was wondering if there is anything i can do to assist holding line and not drifting. I am apexing fairly late to stop running wide but was wondering if I: 1. stopped picking the bike up so quickly, which could be causing the bike to run wide 2. moved uppper body lower to keep the bike on line 3. maybe dragged the rear brake slightly Any other suggestions to try out on my next track day!? Thanks C
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