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  1. IMHO its a tool/tech you have to sharpen to use. And use it strategically ! theres a sweet spot for everything,ie everything on moderation
  2. stick with JASO MA2 for bigger bikes with wet clutches imho...
  3. you can always sandpaper them away... j/k
  4. a good start is halfway to success - old chinese saying
  5. I completely agree with you on this. I found the adaptability of the S1000RR to be amazing. As a track noob I was a bit apprehensive about jumping on a 193bhp literbike but I was very comfortable starting in rain mode and even after upping it into sport mode I still felt it was very manageable (I have to wonder what it feels like with the TC off though ) . I've been tempted to trade in my K12R on one but I'm not sure how comfortable it would be for all all day rides . If its cheaper to rent one , i'll gladly keep my daily commuter which my fatass is comfy with As for rider position, i look forward to the day where sportbikes can have electronically adjustable seats ALA some high end cars. One can hope right? ^^
  6. Nice read! As for (MOSTLY)non electronic riding tech : Ducati is coming out with a carbon monoque frame for bikes (current GP bike is carbon frame?) the current Yamaha R1 has a cross plane crank BMW has the adaptive headlight tech and tele-lever tech (natural anti-dive effect under hard braking) Aftermarket Road grade carbon rims and carbon ceramic discs for the 1000RR multi-compound rubbers ( BT016 ) D3o and poronXD materials for leather suits and such VYRUS 987 hub steering tech and turbocharged engines WP/Ohlins OTF electronically adustable suspension IMHO the S100RR with its full array of electronic add-ons is a dream come true for the newbie and hardcore rider for 2010
  7. compared to my area of the woods, looks pretty good thou~ I've been thru worse for 3 years on PUBLIC roads on 12" tires .
  8. Awesome article as usual, I wish the paper version isnt far away!
  9. I have a friend who does figure of 8's in a carpark near his house. Me? I just ride "slowly" for the first half tank or so (Good way to know the bands of traction ??)
  10. One for uphill / flat terrain two for downhill / "supersporty" riding Fingers always on the lever for me except for full throttle applications.
  11. It sounds like the CVT on your burgman has a very violent engadging/disengadging cycle on the RPMs where you need the power...
  12. I personally find cornering at the right entry speed and right point to be quite a bit to handle already, so doing 1 and 2 together messes up the bikes sus and my 10 dollars worth quite alot! thats just me but maybe if you have more of the 10 dollars worth of attention to spend after getting the points and speed perfect, then i say its probable. but the chances that the suspension will go out of the optimum range (bottom instead of the 1/2-2/3 sweet spot) due to 2 actions (braking+cornering) is high too , so its quite extreme to me. But hey, pro's use extremes as tools so...
  13. wants to get his racing licence before 28!

  14. I personally use a high performance oil with a hi protection oil additive eg ravenol VSI + X1R redline 5w40 +Break in additive 20CC/L 300V+ militec whatevers easy to get and cheap/ leftovers from the next door car nut. when the mobil racing 4T is on offer on my area , i'll buy it too. generally i dont trust anything below 1300PPM of ZDDP for long term protection, its good to have a second safety net, but thats just me, im flickling fickle. and oh, Shell ultra 4T dies on me after 90KM, dont ask how i ride em, it just ... overheats and i have to let the motor rest.
  15. wow, well put in words, technically its the results that matters, but we have to hone the skills required to do so!
  16. nice article! it kinda is like finding the sweet spot on every tarmac on your own configured bike imho... too much or too little and you miss the spot ^^
  17. <p> IMHO, </p><p><br></p><p>tracks requiring low speed corners will favor the Z1000 </p><p><br></p><p>tracks with HIGH speed corners will favor the S1000rr </p>
  18. A NCX125C Cygnus X old model, 124.9 CC carb model. Daily ride, commuter and weekend recreational bike. The brammo offers top torque from 0 rpm all the way up, and as it doesnt seem to have gears, one less thing to adjust to. Eyeing a CB400 just to practice changing gears and the no clutch technique, I like the sound of the CB400's inline 4's too. Quite comfy too for my size. Burgman's are famous in Taiwan too, being the only red plated scooter allowed on highway bridges .
  19. Hi everyone Im John , been sccotering for 2.5 years, learned alot from the books and DVD . Now eyeing a proper bike with gears instead of CVT. Also eyeing the Brammo empulse or similar spec bikes once I get 10K in my bank. Pleasure to be in this forum , I like the atmosphere here.
  20. Its my daily commuter and overtaking others is fun too , especially at the corners on tricked out bikes. Mines 90% stock.
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