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  1. Unfortunately level three is going to have to wait. Mostly due to work and partly due to the fact my bike is less than complete thanks to my second highside on new tyres. I wish you could buy them pre scrubbed! Take it easy Ollie
  2. Hi Eirik How old are his tyres and how long had you been riding? My only guess is new / cold tyres. I'm probably only saying that because both my crashes have been on new tyres that I had thought to be scrubbed in only to find otherwise! All the best Ollie
  3. Cheers for the post Steve. Definitely doing level 3 there, with hindsight I probably should have done the previous levels there. The less straights the better as far as I'm concerned. Take it easy Ollie
  4. Hi All I'm thinking about doing level 3 at Stowe. Was just after peoples opinion of the circuit. As far as I know the groups are smaller to accommodate the track size and it is run anti clockwise (majority left handers) which is what attracts me to the idea. I've done both levels 1 & 2 at the southern circuit which although is an awesome track I'd like to work on left handers and being on a 600 spend a bit too long on the straights! All the best Ollie
  5. Hey Bullet Sorry to hear you're leaving the school. Thanks for all your invaluable help and advice on the forum, not to mention banter. All the best in the future. Take it easy Ollie
  6. Welcome Marc Plenty of learning to be done on here too. Extremely jealous of your trip to Calafat, what's the track like? Regards Ollie
  7. Welcome Mike How you finding the 675? I'm seriously tempted to chop in my zx6 for one. Ollie
  8. Hi Bullet Two fingers, index and middle. No body position issues however I must admit I'm not paying much attention to it, at the minute . Interested to hear more on this. Cheers Ollie
  9. Thanks Crash and Gorecki I'll have a look around and see what I think. Much appreciated. Ollie
  10. Hi to all A friend and I are looking at heading to the US (east) in July and want to rent bikes while we're there. It may be because I have admitted defeat early but so far all I can find to rent are cruisers or tourers. Sadly I don't have the facial hair or enough body art to pull off riding a cruiser yet so does anyone know of, or better still recommend, a sportsbike rental company. We'll be around NJ and PA and plan to do some travelling if anyone can recommend some good rides out of there. I'm guessing North and into the hills is the best bet. Any suggestions appreciated. ps sorry the thread has nothing to do with cornering! All the best Ollie
  11. Hi Steve Thank you for the speedy reply. I'm very grateful as the website had me convinced the 120/60 was the best option. I'm pretty set on the Sportsmarts as they match my requirements and I was really impressed with them when riding the schools R6s. Thanks again. Ollie
  12. Hi Everyone So my dilemma is this I ride a zx6r (J2) '01 (in UK) which has a recommended 120/65 front tyre profile. From looking around it seems this profile is obsolete however the Dunlop website recommends I fit a 120/60. This is fine as I'll be fitting Sportsmarts and they are available in both 120/60 and 120/70. So I thought I had it sussed but out of interest I looked at the spec for a newer zx6r which recommends a 120/70. I'm assuming I should take the website as gospel and fit the 120/60 unless anyone says otherwise? Secondly why the change in profile recommendation from old to newer models? And lastly what's the difference between the profiles? I realise one sidewall is thicker but they are the same diameter. Is it simply a difference in shape i.e rounder or pointier? And if so which is which? Hopefully the above makes sense. No doubt the answers are straight forward. Regards Ollie
  13. After spending a bit of time on clutchless downshifts I think I'm converted, well sort of. I personally don't see any advantages of it when road riding, unless you ride like a tt racer, on the other hand on track it is something I would definitely use. I had no idea you could get downchanges to be so smooth without using the clutch. With enough practice so that it becomes second nature I can see it freeing up plenty of attention to use elsewhere that would otherwise be used on the clutch + blip. Just need to get back on a track, now where did I plant that money tree? Ollie
  14. Cheers Kai Should have really bothered to check the forum before posting that. Not sure I'm a subscriber to the clutchless downshift yet but time will tell. Ollie
  15. Any news on the thread for clutchless shifting? I'm happy upshifting without the clutch but am having trouble getting my downshifts smooth. Ollie
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