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  1. Thanks Mr Crash106, I will take your tip and watch it like you said, I am reading book now quite good..... Do you have the book as well?? Cheers Patrick
  2. Hi Jason I was really suprised by understanding some tech stuff is really important to help you understand your bike for riding. I will try to go to Stanwell Tops every week until Track Day on 3 Oct at the Creek. I will go out for a ride this weekend and try to reinforce what was outlined in the DVD and iron out any bad habbits and see if that confidence is still there or increased. I am reading the Twist OF The Wrist II Book now. I am going to use the book information for my Track day to get the most out of the day. Anyway Jason take care dude Patrick
  3. Hi All My name is Patrick, I am waiting to do the CSS Level 1 but unfortunately the course is booked out for this year, so instead of waiting a long time for the course to seek improving my riding I thought I should watch atleast the Twist Of The Wrist II DVD a couple of times and try it out for myself until the course is avaliable. Today is Sunday 5th Of September 2010 I went to Stanwell Tops. I instantly saw my overall confidence increase by at least 25%. The weather conditions were quite bad, high winds gust, branches from the trees on the road. The first half of the stretch coming from Miranda, the road was in perfect condition and the second part to the lookout was quite bad. First thing I notice was my confidence with the high wind increased and negative forces acting on my bike was greatly reduced and I was not scared of the wind pushing my bike anymore. The other thing I notice was my arm fatigue reduced by 90%, I only felt my arm to fatigue once on the whole trip. The confidence of avoiding the obstacles on the road also increased, and I could feel the bond I had with my bike was much better. Cornering was much better and increase of at least 10%, I did not corner as I would like to due to wind and obstacles on the road was distracting me for parts of the road. I totally recommend the Twist Of The Wrist II DVD as a start anyway and I have purchased the Twist Of The Wrist II book. The video gives you visual effects of the bikes physical characteristic and a better understanding of why the bike act the way it acts. I have purchased the Twist Of The Wrist II Book which I guess gives you a more in-depth understanding of riding then the DVD. The summary of what I learned is that considering the really bad conditions today and how I felt after the ride indicates to me that the DVD did help me quite alot just by viewing it a couple of times. I hope this information helps people making the decision whether spending the money on the DVD or on the book is a waste of money or have second thoughts. Good luck people if you decide to purchase the DVD or Book. P.S My Chicken Strips on my tyres were reduced hopeful next time are competely gone. Cheers Patrick
  4. Hey Patrick, I think we've been in contact about this via email, or was that another Patrick asking about coaching? In any case, I look ofrwrad to seeing you out at the schools one day. Hopefully you get a call up off the wait list - you gotta get in early these days Be sure to come up and introduce yourself on the day. Would be good to have a face for the name. Adam Hi Adam Yes it was me, I wanted to tell you thank you for the email reply the other day. That was very informative and surprising that you where very honest and answered all my questions. I did posted a question on this forum about being a Ride Coach and I can see that the coaches have a high degree of respect for the Twist Of The Wrist II Book, and from the DVD I can see why. The DVD did show me many mistakes that I do and also explains to me why the bike acts in the wayit does. One example was why people kept telling me to relax when ridding but I did not understand why but it is amazing how it effects the bike in many ways I can see that the Coaches do believe that the school and the man himself Kieth Code has something great to offer to people like me and that works. The DVD was great and I am quite disappointed about the course being booked out already for this year. So I ordered the book and will try to go through the book myself and use it on the Stanwell Tops run. If I do get a course I will come over and say g’day, I have to say I was quiet surprised about how friendly open everyone is here Once again Thank you hope to see ya soon
  5. Hi All Just wanted to say many thanks to you Bullet and others for the replies. Bullet summed up my question in great detail. It is quite a privilege to be a Ride Coach with much satisfaction when you see students like me that have very poor skills and quite thick and see them progress. I haven't done the level one course as yet and One reason that I am going to do it is to increase my road cornering skills. I am not confident when I ride on the road to properly tackle the corner. One question about the course is ok on a track you can become familiar with it over time knowing what corner is up ahead but how could use the skills learned at CSS to properly tackle a corner that you do not know what to expect as a corner. I hope that is not a stupid question. I think many people do use their bike on the road more than being on a track, I am not talking about being stupid on the roads but improving general cornering skills on the road. Regards Patrick
  6. Hi there, My name is Patrick I am from Sydney Australia, I have done a search on this topic and can not find anything. I am sorry if I am starting a similar topic... I am interested as probably like many others on this forum what it takes to become a Ride Coach for California Superbike School. I have a job that I go to because I have to, just wondering how you guys got a job that you want to go to everyday. What skills are required to become a Ride Coach What is the life like to be a Ride Coach Many Thanks I am on the waiting list for Level 1 so fingers crossed I get the call. Cheers Patrick
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